About Us: SEO Consultants and Organic SEO Consultancy in Atlanta

Growth, transparency, and common sense. This is what we believe in.

At our SEO consultancy, we specialize in offering SEO as a tactic for bringing in qualified website traffic and leads, growing a brand, and building awareness as market leaders.

My name is Jenny Munn, the Owner and principal SEO Consultant of The Munn Group. Through our organic search engine optimization consultant (SEO) services, we train marketers and businesses within small to mid-sized organizations, to digital agencies and web design firms, to solopreneurs.

Our core values include:

  • Working with businesses and organizations who want a partnership – not just another indifferent vendor
  • Maintaining professionalism, transparency, and high-quality work throughout the engagement
  • Empowering you and your team to start thinking for long-term SEO and integrating SEO into the marketing mix
  • Not just applying traditional SEO tactics, but also applying creativity for long-term growth, and taking overall marketing to the next level to grow the brand
  • Communicating proactively and openly about your KPIs and goals – what’s important to you as well as educating, supporting and standing ground on SEO and website marketing issues we believe in

Working together with a professional SEO consultant will allow your business to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Get your site found online
  • Maximize and bring together your existing online marketing activities that currently operate in a silo
  • Make what you’re already doing more effective
  • Bring your business more money without a lot more work

Simple, actionable SEO. That’s our domain (pun intended). Interested in learning more?

Check out our full list of SEO consultancy services or reach out to contact us today.

Jenny Munn: Owner, Atlanta SEO Consultant, Keyword Research Addict

 Atlanta SEO Consultant - Jenny

Once upon a time, back in 2009, I decided to pursue my dream of opening my own business. I hung out my shingle as a freelance website copywriter and waited for the business to pour in.

But it didn’t. Instead of a flood of business leads, I had a slow trickle.

I soon realized that just because I had put up a website and declared my virtual door open for business, the clients were not going to magically find their way to me. That realization led to 2 game-changing business activities 1) I knew I had to more purposefully pursue prospective clients and 2) I taught myself organic search engine optimization.

I knew that when someone googled, “Atlanta copywriter,” I wanted to be on the shortlist of providers they considered. So I knew I had to get to the top of the first page of Google.

And that, my friends, is history.

I never experienced the up-and-down feast-or-famine cycle that many freelancers complain about. Successfully implementing SEO on my WordPress website resulted in a few things:

  • I was lucky to work with many amazing clients over the years, many who found me via Google searches
  • I started getting requests to teach other marketers, web designers, small businesses and freelancers how to do SEO

And that’s how I evolved from a copywriter to an SEO copywriter to an Atlanta SEO Consultant (and virtually too).

Dan Morris: Senior SEO ConsultantDan - SEO Consultant

Dan R Morris  is a senior SEO Consultant, and a man of many talents in the online world. He’s the founder of Audience Industries, which runs Blogging Concentrated,  the largest global training and development company for Bloggers, Vloggers and Podcasters, Amplify Podcast the #27 rated podcast in the nation and FindingJoy.net a multi-million monthly pageview blog. Dan has been working in the online space since 2004. His career began in the infomercial world helping convert traffic driven from TV and Radio spots into online customers. Now Blogging Concentrated provides curriculum and workshops for colleges, while Amplify Podcast Live is performed at Universities and Performing Arts Centers nationwide.


Tiffany Wong: Project Manager, Google Analytics Whiz, and SEO Marketing and Content Consultant

SEO Consultancy – Tiffany

I began my venture into the online space in 2010 as a blogger with a site about being a busy mom. With six kids, I had plenty to write about! I quickly learned that successfully creating online content involved more than an idea – it took research, planning, and strategy.

I began working with local businesses and other bloggers to help them improve their content marketing and social media efforts, and eventually took on a part-time role at a boutique marketing firm in Atlanta. Through that role I have been able to expand my knowledge further and help businesses of all sizes (from local restaurants to global companies like UPS) with positioning and messaging, as well as nationally focused marketing strategies.

I came on board with Jenny in 2014 as manager to help with client audits and research so that she could focus more of her time on SEO strategies and trainings for clients. After completing Project Management training that fall, I transitioned into the SEO Project Manager role that I hold today. With my project management and technical skills I focus on helping our clients stay on track during their SEO engagements with Jenny, as well as assist with technical issues such as those related to Google Analytics and Search Console that can have an impact on the success and long-term tracking of SEO activities.

Crystal Johnson: Business ManagerCrystal Johnson

I help direct communications, business operations administrative functions, and then some. For our clients I schedule trainings, calls, and can step in if you need a super quick response or have any logistics questions (admin, billing, rescheduling, recording links, etc).

I love organization and checking things off my to-do list so we keep your SEO engagement running like a well-oiled machine. I am happy to assist in any way and look forward to interacting with many of you along the way.

What’s Next?

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