SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Marketers

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn't rocket science, but it's not exactly something you can pick up quickly and run with either.  Learn more about how digital marketers can apply SEO successfully to accelerate awareness, traffic, and conversions.

Your Digital Marketing Career: Is it Making You Insane (or Is it Just Me)?

How often do stop and wonder if you’re heading in the “right” direction with your career? If you even like what you do (let alone the people you work with). In these always-shifting days of digital … [Read more...]

Prepping for SEO in 2017

By Dan Morris – SEO Consultant, The Munn Group The hardest thing I see online businesses struggling with is what Jenny called the “whirlwind.” I think part of the problem is the way we manage our … [Read more...]

Has Google Keyword Planner Tool Gone Kaput?

Back in 2013 when Google got rid of the SEO Keyword Research Tool and replaced it with the Keyword Planner, I said “There’s no doubt that this tool is designed to encourage people towards PPC.” And … [Read more...]

SEO Execution: The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned in 2016

September is always a very busy month for me. I know better to try and put extra things on my plate. I even felt so under the gun this month that I turned on an email autoresponder that essentially … [Read more...]

On-Page SEO: What Mistakes Are Hurting Your Rankings

I look at SEO copy all day long. Copy, copy, copy. Client copy, competitor copy, blog copy, video copy, services page copy, SERPS snippet copy, bad copy, good copy, downright awful copy. I know … [Read more...]

Suffering from Landing Page Optimization Avoidance? 3 Points to Consider

One of the biggest mistakes I see with my clients is that their core website pages (I'm going to refer to them as "landing pages" for this article) are not optimized well—if at all. After all: why … [Read more...]

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Secrets to Filling an SEO Workshop

When one decides to put on a live face-to-face business event, one has to be prepared to answer the never-ending questions that swirl around your head for weeks on end: When to have it? Where … [Read more...]

Your SEO Must Reflect Your Business Strategy – NOT the Other Way Around

Last week I was listening to a podcast on change management leadership (not as boring as it sounds), and the leadership expert was talking about the importance of “disrupting and reinventing so you … [Read more...]

Technical SEO: Stating the Obvious About Its Importance

You know it’s getting real all up in the SEO world when a Twitter fight breaks out about the importance today of Technical SEO. A couple weeks go an article started circulating amongst the SEO … [Read more...]

If You’re Not Ready to Roll up Your Sleeves, You’re Not Ready for SEO

Two weeks ago I was talking to a prospective SEO consulting client who told me her budget was $2,000 to spend on SEO. Not a small chunk of change by any means. But I knew within the first two … [Read more...]