Managing Transitions/Company Strategy Meeting

Last Thursday my company held its annual strategy meeting. We brainstormed some great ideas for this year and next and I am looking forward to putting our ideas into actionable steps. Our industry is slowly but surely coming around and there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

One of my favorite parts of the meeting was having Jane Gentry facilitate our meeting. It was a great experience to have a third party motivate, moderate, and direct our strategy sessions and lead us on a few fun exercises. Jane presented to us on a very timely subject – Managing Transitions. It is one of her most sought-after presentations. Here are a few highlights and takeways:

-Many times when a change happens, focus is on the wrong place
-“change” and “transition” are two very different things. Transition is the activity of influence. A change usually means that something will be lost.
-even if a change is positive, people still have to let go of something
-a coach can help a person figure out what they “perceive” they are losing. Perceptions can be very different from reality
-many people get stuck in the “letting go” phase and can be stuck in it for years
-there are 3 main phases when a change occurs: Letting Go, Neutral Zone, and New Beginnings
-to help let go of the old way create a memorial or ritual. Honor and respect the old way to accept the new change
-in a company, high performers are the most at risk because they have the most to lose
-the Neutral Zone provides us an incredible opportunity to get creative and stand out!
-the Neutral zone can be a lonely, uncomfortable place
-Habit inhibits creativity

Much more was discussed but it was very eye opening, as this information is so applicable to life and business. Visually, it helped tremendously to see a picture of the phases and know how to work with people who are in different stages of a transition. I highly recommend reaching out to Jane if you or your company could use some help in this area.

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Jenny Munn

Jenny Munn is an SEO Strategist who helps organizations get more leads from their website and integrate SEO into their marketing mix. She consults with in-house marketing managers, agencies, and small businesses. Jenny has taught SEO at WordCamp Atlanta, Digital Atlanta, Solo PR Summit, Business Marketing Association, Atlanta Tech Village, and various content marketing and social media organizations.

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