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Help your clients get found online and deliver more value with a professional SEO expert on your team

Getting more of the right eyeballs on your clients’ websites is an ongoing challenge. Since it’s your business to get your clients more traffic, clicks and engagement, utilizing SEO is more important than ever. And while your team is familiar with SEO principles, chances are you don’t have the in-house expertise to do a comprehensive SEO audit, put together a solid strategy, and educate the team on the one-time and ongoing activities that will contribute to success.

If you have a client in need of SEO, or you want to learn the skills for future use, we can help.

As freelance SEO experts based in Atlanta, our consultancy specializes in giving agencies and service professionals the SEO strategy and plan needed to design organic SEO marketing campaigns that deliver. Over a 2-4 month period, we work closely with your team to share our SEO expertise and build a platform for success, which includes:

  • Helping your clients AND educating your agency at the same time
  • Giving you the skills to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing and organic search engine optimization, including new possibilities for upselling
  • Making use of your existing talents and resources to save you time and money
  • Providing your clients with the easy-to-see reality that better SEO brings more traffic, more clients, and more money

What We Bring to the Table

As professional SEO experts, we specialize in the audits, strategy, consulting, project management and training. We help you save on budget by utilizing your team to carry out the SEO strategy.

As a former SEO copywriter, our founder and SEO project manager Jenny Munn understands you need someone who is reliable, professional, and who will contribute to your goals and your client’s success. We are very familiar working alongside, with, and as part of every type of agency. Whether you have a one-time need or have regular client needs, we can determine with you if our seo expert services are the best fit for your agency. While we’re based in Atlanta, we often work virtually with agencies all over the country.

One of our favorite agency clients, Mickey with GreenMellen Media, had this to say: “When working with clients that need serious SEO results, bringing in Jenny to work with our team has proven to be invaluable. Her approach brings a feeling of confidence to the entire project, and the final results always confirm that feeling.  Our main goal is to help clients reach theirs, and Jenny’s expertise is a big part of making that happen.”

To learn more about how we work feel free to check out our FAQs page here.

Let’s Chat About Your Clients’ SEO Needs

We can help you at any stage of the process, whether you’re simply looking to educate your personnel internally, or you already have a handful of clients with pressing SEO concerns. We’ll go over your resources, your needs, and your immediate and long term goals. Check out Jenny’s online calendar and schedule a time at your convenience.

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You and your clients have high expectations. Ready to deliver the results that solid organic SEO can bring in?  Contact our freelance SEO specialist team today!

Here’s what some of our recent agency clients have to say:

“We were very pleased with the results and insights from the consultation. We are going to be addressing a lot of these things with our clients soon, and develop a roadmap for them with the goal of taking there online marketing much further this year. Thanks again so much, we hope to work with you again!” – SEO/Digital Marketing Agency

“We hired Jenny to train our entire writing staff on SEO copywriting and best practices. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Jenny’s knowledge, energy, communication skills, and professionalism made learning SEO, a typically daunting task, a total breeze.” – Chris Craft – Founder and Chief Visionary, Nao Media

“Hey Jenny – my client gives you rave reviews. She is very happy with you.” – Megha Rodriguez, Hire Humanity

“Thanks for being there and being professional.  I know that sounds funny but it’s an under appreciated quality these days!” – Marketing Agency Client

“We had Jenny come in to give us a sanity check on our current SEO effort as well as help align our SEO approach and strategy. It was extremely valuable to have a professional that is 100% SEO focused to give a fresh perspective on what we were are doing and helping us to build a plan to actually execute against. We would recommend Jenny to those who need help getting started in SEO as well as the SEO savvy who might just need a second set of eyes from someone dedicated in the field.” – Travis Mariea – CEO, Current Commerce