SEO Agency Alternative: In-House SEO Coaching and Training for Marketers

As an in-house marketer, do you find the lack of good options for SEO comprehension, implementation and SEO services frustrating sorely lacking? Jaded from too many SEO agencies cold calling and promising you results that sound too good to be true? If you can’t find an agency or freelancer who simultaneously understands how to blend modern SEO with the intricacies of your business, I get it.

And I hear it all the time.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency (Atlanta, US, or international) alternative, you’re in the right place.

But first, know I have a lot of respect for good digital and SEO agencies, both in Atlanta and around the globe.  I am a believer in outsourcing and in certain circumstances often recommend businesses hire an agency rather than use my consulting services. There are a lot of agencies out there that do some really effective, honest work that drives impressive results.

But on the flip side, there are a lot of SEO agencies that don’t live up to what they promise.

Instead of being frustrated by poor communicators, old school ineffective tactics, and a lack of transparency, why not consider handling SEO in-house? By analyzing your resources, capabilities, and existing plans, a customized blueprint can be determined to help seamlessly integrate SEO into your organization, on your terms.

Interested in Learning How to Bring SEO Activities In-House?

There are a lot of companies, marketers, and business owners who would be better served managing their SEO activity in-house, if only they had a little guidance, knew where to get started and understood what activities would be the most impactful.

I DO believe – even if you know you want to outsource SEO externally – that you should be empowered and educated about what SEO activities drive results, and what don’t. When you better understand SEO, you can more properly manage your agency or freelancers and know if what they’re doing is right or wrong (and certainly what will and won’t get you penalized!).

Here’s how you know if you may be a good fit for our one-time SEO consulting services:

  • You have a lot of in-house expertise and outsourcing your content is not effective
  • You’re not getting a lot of insight, or answers, from your agency contact and it seems nothing is being done (or worse yet, their answers are evasive and indirect)
  • You have resources who can execute, given a little guidance
  • A blueprint would take you a LONG way
  • You’re already doing other marketing activities that drive traffic to the website: blogging, social media, content marketing, PR, events and tradeshows, etc.
  • You, as a marketer, are good at executing, and staying on top of digital trends
  • You want to grow and better contribute to your organization
  • You don’t think you need an agency, and you have the bandwidth, or manpower, to do the work in-house. Or, you want to better manage the work with a team of small freelancers.

My Story: Atlanta SEO Agency Alternative for Marketers

I accidentally fell into this “SEO agency alternative” specialty. A few years ago, I had a busy schedule and couldn’t take on other clients. However, I met a business owner who was interested in my services.  After initially turning him down because of my low bandwidth, he had an interesting proposal: why don’t I train his in-house marketing manager how to do the work?

And the rest is history.

Today, I primarily train marketing teams who need help understanding how to integrate SEO and drive more qualified website traffic. I’m passionate about working with in-house marketers who want to become empowered and drive more qualified website traffic and leads. I have a lot of happy clients who finally understand how to succeed with SEO and have seen great results after implementing the practices I taught them.

If you’re frustrated with a lack of SEO options or if you’ve been jaded by previous outsourcing attempts, and this resonates, let’s have a conversation to explore whether doing your SEO in-house is a viable agency alternative. Email me or set up a time to talk via my online calendar: