B2B, B2C and SEO Training SEO Case Studies – The Proof is in the Pudding

It’s not just about the SEO services and the work…it’s about the results.

If you’ve talked with many SEO consultants, chances are you’ve discovered one or two that’s all talk with nothing to show. Well, not this SEO strategist!

We’re proud of the results we can get for our business clients. Take a look and see:

  1. B2B SEO Case Study: how we helped one B2B small business owner develop an SEO strategy that results in prospects and leads who call him EVERY WEEK after finding him online. See what he says here.
  2. SEO Training Case Study: “How do I find the perfect keywords for my clients???” The intricacies of keyword research were giving this WordPress Designer/Digital Marketing Professional heartburn. See how we helped this pro learn how to quickly and effectively conduct keyword research—without the frustration.
  3. B2C SEO Case Study: This new B2C e-commerce business needed to start making sales quickly and boost sales and traffic coming from a variety of keywords for 7 product lines. Learn the tactics, strategies and plan we used to triple their sales within one year with Jenny as their part-time in-house SEO consultant.
  4. SEO Integration for a B2B Tech Consulting Firm: This B2B technology consulting firm wanted to diversify its lead gen activities and learn how to adopt and integrate SEO into their marketing activities for short-term and long-term success. See the training and consulting plan we put together to take them from “black magic beliefs” to SEO results.
  5. 6-Month SEO Campaign for a New Product Launch: You can make beautiful music when you set a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy, implement quickly, and tweak along the way to ensure you reach the KPIs set forth by the client. Check out the results generated after a 6-month SEO and digital marketing campaign to launch a new product. This case study is a great representation of how SEO has become much more than sprinkling keywords. It really involves understanding how SEO stands on its own as well as influences the other online and offline marketing channels.

Looking for more? See what our happy clients had to say here.