SEO Consultant Specialist: In-House SEO Training and Consulting for Busy Marketers

Are you frustrated that you’re doing all the right things – and still not seeing SEO results?

As a busy marketer within a growing company, you and your team are doing a lot to generate leads and drive more website traffic: social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, content creation….but a piece is missing.

You’re not getting the visibility or organic SEO that your site is capable of, your competitors are constantly ahead of you on Google, and you’re irked.

If you’re looking for more and better results by attracting more and better prospects, we can help.

SEO for Marketers – Atlanta and Beyond

As SEO marketing consultants, we work with savvy marketing professionals in small to mid-sized organizations in Atlanta and around the country. Through our SEO consultant training, we work with you to:

  • Create an SEO strategy based on your target market, resources and competitive landscape
  • Train you on organic SEO fundamentals and best practices for sustainable modern SEO
  • Leverage and scale the existing marketing activities you’re already doing
  • Utilize your own resources by keeping SEO in house and not outsourcing

The marketers we work with every day are invested in the success of their organization. They want to make a contribution, demonstrate more value, and improve their skillset along the way. Our professional SEO consulting and training helps them with each of these and more.

We’ll create the SEO plan, act as a project manager to help you implement it, and provide you with the best practices for you to carry on and get results long after we’re gone.

SEO Specialist Training and Consulting for In-House Marketing Managers

Here’s a bit more about how we work:

  • We come in and do all the SEO audits – keyword, technical, on-site, competitive, links, analytics – and put together the SEO plan. After it’s presented and approved by you and the team, we jump into implementing and training over the next few months. We teach the fisherman how to fish, so essentially guide and train you on implementation so that you aren’t dependent on us month over month for your results. We’ll do this with a combination of face-to-face meetings if you’re Atlanta based, or virtually via recorded screenshare webinars, calls, emails and check ins to make sure the SEO phase 1 strategy gets executed successfully and to make sure we can start seeing results, even with a limited budget.
  • You’re empowered the entire time. Our job is to train you on SEO as much as you want to learn. We will guide and oversee the work while you, your team, or freelancers execute the plan. Also, we only stay on for a few months to set the strategy and oversee Phase 1. We don’t plan on staying month after month, unlike many other SEO marketing consultants.

To learn more about how we work feel free to review our FAQs page here.

Check out what some of our in-house marketing clients had to say:

I loved that you empowered me to be able to do some of the SEO work and understand what it all means. The solution provided was realistic and something that we can do ourselves moving forward.”
Meghan Merlin, Merlin Auto Group

“We absolutely loved our experience with Jenny and her SEO training program. We have already seen the many benefits and will definitely be working with her in the future. We would 100% recommend Jenny to all in need of SEO training.”
Emily Wilkins, Director of Marketing, FuneralCall Answering Service

“Jenny helped us to start gaining traction and business on our website. She helped us move several pages of our website to page one on Google. We have also had our recent clients tell us that they found us online which has never happened in the past.”
Ashley Mawyer, Marketing Coordinator at

“Jenny is a results-oriented SEO and web marketing professional. Her work has directly driven sales for the organization, and over the past year SEO become an important revenue generating activity.”

Working with Jenny left us equipped to have long lasting SEO success. You could tell how invested she was in our success. It’s hard to get someone excited about SEO, but Jenny does just that. She is extremely organized and has a refined process, but will adapt to your schedule and needs.”
Ashley Loyd – Director of Marketing, SRS Real Estate Partners

“I liked that I was a part of all of the decision making while also learning how to take over our SEO efforts in the future. It was a great combination of guidance and letting me do what I thought was best based on our industry. I can already tell that our site makes much more sense and there is a clearer call to action on each landing page. This is huge because we are a seasonal business, and people landing on various pages on the site need to know why scoutPRO is a tool worth purchasing. I loved how organized everything was- it all made sense. The process was smooth and the transition at the end of the two months was seamless. I feel comfortable moving forward.”
Virginia Zakas – Product Marketing Manager, scoutPRO

“Jenny Munn is an expert in SEO, but she is like a marketer’s best friend helping to translate this complicated language to our terms. I am also a huge fan of tools and templates, and she provided some great ones to help us stay on top of tracking and monitoring. But what I was most impressed with is that she actually cares about our success, and went to great lengths to understand what we do and develop a plan tailored to fit our company.
Micah Alex – Marketing Specialist, Exterior Source

“I found Jenny through a very trustworthy source that is active in the Atlanta digital marketing scene. I am so glad he recommended her to me! As soon as I got started with Jenny, I could tell I was in good hands. She had a great process for helping me understand all the technical ins and outs of SEO, and whether my skills were at a novice level or a master level, I know she would be able to appropriately adjust to accommodate me. Jenny gave me a great launching pad to effectively managing my SEO presence in the future. I have made a lot of changes to my strategy, and although it’s too soon to notice a difference in return, I have absolute faith that with my persistence on my end with great content and social media, that I will have the calls flying in! Thank you Jenny, for your excellent guidance. I will recommend you to anyone who is ready to make a difference in their business!
Lauren Stiles – Marketing Assistant for Teresa Lynne, Certified Life Coach

“I just have to say THANK YOU for sharing SO MUCH wonderful information and empowering me to put it into practice!  I’m not sure I even knew what SEO was when we began and – although far from expert level – now I feel like I have a working knowledge. You probably already know this, but you are a wonderful communicator – professional and personable. You have an amazing amount of knowledge and experience that you expertly present in bite sized pieces.
JanElle Hoffman – Global Student Network/International Virtual Learning Academy

“Working with Jenny was a fantastic experience.  From the very beginning, she provided what she promised and always in a timely and professional manner.  We had some bad experiences in the past with consultants (for quite a pretty penny) and we desperately needed a new approach.  Jenny’s plan let us truly evaluate our site against our competitors and then gave us the knowledge and tools to continue SEO ourselves.  I love that she helped us become expert copywriters and analysts so we can continue to progress in the future. She is always available to answer questions and her feedback is insightful – something we never had before. I feel like I am now able to take on new projects with the right SEO mind set to ensure that we get the best results.  Since working with Jenny, we’ve seen an increase in good clicks to important keywords with buying intent and many of our core pages have moved up in Google results. The top ten keywords with the most impressions used to be unimportant to our target audience, but now we have replaced those with proper keywords that bring us the right traffic.  It’s a time consuming task to “fix” what isn’t working with SEO, so do yourself a favor and learn from your mistakes now.  Jenny is a phenomenal teacher.”
Emily Duke – Marketing Manager, Diamond Envy

“Working with Jenny has been an absolute pleasure! She is a great teacher and extremely knowledgeable about all things SEO. She has equipped us with all of the tools necessary to continue optimizing our website and content long after our trainings have finished. We highly recommend Jenny!”
Molly Fletcher – MWF Enterprises at

See more testimonials here.

Take the Next Step

If you are ready to start improving your SEO and get more better leads for your business, let’s chat. Set up a time to talk with Jenny via her online calendar. We’ll go from there to discuss your site, resources, and if our program is the best fit for your needs.