Interested in engaging with me for digital marketing services? Check out a few things you may need to know first:

Who do you work with?

I specialize in working with schools and organizations that fall under the Early Education and K-12 Education space. (Not a fit but still interested in my services? Feel free to reach out!)

How long will it take before we see results?

My projects and retainers typically last between 3-6+ months. How quickly you’ll get results is dependent upon your level of:

  • Brand clarity: you’re crystal clear about who you serve and their buying habits; also, you know what differentiates you as a brand and how to convert a lead to a customer
  • Ready-to-go assets: you have great marketing assets that are already targeted to your ideal customer in the form of images, content, videos, free reports, blog posts, and landing pages. If these assets are not yet created – you’re willing to get them created in conjunction with our efforts and my guidance
  • Existing marketing activities: you’re already doing email marketing, social media marketing, and content creation. You just need more top of the funnel campaigns in digital areas such as PPC, SEO, retargeting, social advertising, conversions, and tracking
  • Industry expertise: are you recognized leaders and experts in your field? Do you have an existing base of happy customers, fans, colleagues, and business partners?

Clients who get the most ROI from my services in the quickest time possible have their brand clarity, assets, and existing marketing plans well defined. They also are industry thought leaders who are active in their space.

Check out my client portfolio, case studies, and select testimonials here.

How much do your services typically cost?

The good news is that digital marketing is a revenue generator, not simply another expense. I will not take on a project that will not yield a positive ROI. Before we jump into implementation we will have outlined data-driven goals, a timeline, and the value associated with a conversion, a lead, and a sale. Costs vary depending on the service, the set up and implementation needs, and duration. My average small business client brings in sales of $2mm+ and has an annual marketing budget of $100k+. My average digital marketing engagement starts at $2000/month, not including digital ad budget.

What is the process?

Interested in chatting? Great! First, fill out this form. Then, I’ll have you tell me a little more about your project. We’ll jump on a call so I can dig in deeper and get an overview of your needs and the situation. If the engagement sounds like a good fit I’ll offer you a Digital ROI Analysis that will lay out the goals, data and numbers behind options along with my recommendations for how to best proceed.

What Makes You Different Than Other Digital Marketing Agencies and Consultants?

Well, I may be biased, but here are a few reasons clients choose to work with me:

  • Specializing in K-12 Education means that I have relevant client and industry experience and knowledge of the markets that you need to reach. I know how to get results faster than the generalist digital marketing agency or SEO consultant you may find.
  • I have a deep specialty in Search, going on 10 years in the industry as a consultant owning my own SEO business. I frequently speak on SEO, and am on the faculty for AMA (American Marketing Association) leading the SEO workshops for their digital marketing certification. I can diagnose complex SEO issues, and put together strong action plans to hit your desired goals.
    I am personally very passionate about the Education field with 3 kids in K-12. When I believe in a cause or mission, nobody is going to work harder than me to make sure we get your message and offerings in front of the right people.
  • If you want the expert working on your site, look no further. I am a hands-on professional working on your brand, and don’t outsource the work to junior people. Look at me as the SEO/SEM digital marketing specialist and extension of your existing marketing team.

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