EdNET Birds-of-a-Feather Roundtable Presentation

the-munn-group-birds-of-a-feather“Moving the Sales Needle: 3 Ways to Double Your Traffic, Leads and Profits with Organic SEO”

According to Forrester, marketing leaders will spend $103 billion by 2019 in an effort to grow and compete in the online digital marketing space. Search engine marketing (SEO & SEM) will capture the largest share of online spend.

EdMarketers are increasingly investing resources into SEO and digital marketing to keep up with increased competition & noise to get their messages out there.

It’s critical to ensure these efforts are best leveraged with organic SEO to improve ranking, visibility, traffic, leads and profits. In this roundtable report you’ll pick up tips on:

  • Identifying keywords that convert
  • Mobile SEO optimization
  • Social SEO and social presence improvements
  • Understanding what works and what doesn’t with modern SEO today

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