Thanks for taking a look at my copywriting portfolio. My portfolio samples include a wide variety of projects:

  • SEO Copywriting
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Articles
  • Ghost Blogging
  • Website Copy
  • Brochures
  • Executive Bios
  • Sales Letters
  • Email Marketing
  • Special Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters
  • SEO Consultations and Reports

Please keep in mind that I never publicly post samples from 1) agency client work for end clients and 2) clients who prefer for the project to remain confidential. This means that a significant portion of my samples are not on my website. However, if you contact me about your copywriting needs I’m happy to send you relevant samples privately.

I encourage you to reach out as I’d love to hear about your business and ideas. Outsourcing your copywriting needs will result in:

  1. Increasing your exposure
  2. Establishing yourself as an industry expert and thought leader
  3. Helping you acquire more, better paying clients
  4. Getting projects off of your plate

Read a few testimonials from satisfied clients and then contact me to get started.

Note: You will need Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader to view some of these samples. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Sales and Marketing Collateral

White Paper Samples:

Corporate and Non-Profit Brochures

Case Studies



SEO Website Copy and Standard Website Copy




Press Releases and Articles