SEO Essentials Checklist: How to Get More Traffic, Conversions and Leads

Are you a busy digital marketer or leader in your business? Do you want to get more qualified leads using organic SEO but don’t know where to begin?

If you are ready to get serious about increasing targeted traffic to your site, check out my  SEO Essentials report: How to Get More Leads – A Checklist of 8 Essentials for Busy Marketers in Growing Businesses. 

In this free 14 page guide, you’ll learn:
  1. Exploring motivations, determine KPIs, and managing expectations
  2. The essential question every marketer should use when evaluating a website
  3. The individual elements of SEO
  4. Your first order of business when it comes to foundational SEO
  5. How to integrate ongoing SEO into your marketing routine

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