SERPs 101:

Understanding the Search Landscape Through Your Prospect’s Eyes

The goal of this training video is to help you understand your first exposure to being findable: in the SERPs (search engine results page). Your homework is to:

  1. Download the SERPs training packet (right click and Save Link As) to follow along with during the video.
  2. Play the video
  3. Assess the results that you see by following along with the exercises in the training packet. You’ll learn:
    1. Why it is important to pay careful attention to the SERPS, and understand what potential opportunities exist on your site and away from your site.
    2. How to get more clicks and conversions once you rank
    3. Why you need to look outside of Google only as a search engine
  4. Be sure to fill out the form below the video with any questions or feedback you may have so that we can discuss them during our next training call.

SERPs 101 – 10:28

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