Semrush For Marketers

My SEO Consulting business is run on two things: Coffee and Semrush.

Getting ahead with SEO means constantly taking stock and taking action.

I strongly believe that when you get serious about SEO results and you’re in it for the long haul, you need an SEO tool that can get you there. Free tools are no longer enough, sadly. You need fast access to great data so you keep moving forward productively and efficiently. 


Semrush is the premium SEO tool I use to run my SEO Consulting business with, giving me powerful insight into SEO campaigns for all of my clients. Sign up for a Semrush trial through my partner link and check out my walkthroughs below of key exercises and insights. 

Table of Contents

Why I Use Semrush

As an SEO Consultant, Semrush is the tool I couldn’t live without. It is literally the tool I use to get my job done for clients day in and day out. From soup to nuts, I run my business with this tool, and with smart processes I’ve developed over time.

Semrush doesn’t do the SEO for you. It informs your strategy, provides data, and most importantly, gives you a much-needed shortcut to glean information you need so you can keep staying in action. I can’t stress this enough. Setting up a Semrush account is not going to get you results unless you DO something with what you’re seeing.

About halfway through my career, I switched to using Semrush and never looked back.

Semrush vs Moz

I was a happy Moz user for years and moved over to Semrush kicking and screaming. However, once I was set up, I haven’t looked back. I feel Semrush is more robust and comprehensive, and there are more digital marketing tools I use on a regular basis in addition to the SEO tools that Moz provided.

Semrush 101: How to Use Semrush to Improve SEO

Originally Semrush was just the best keyword research tool. But they have created so many additional tools over the past decade, that they are now broken up into 4 toolkits: an SEO Toolkit, an Advertising Toolkit, a Content Toolkit, and a Social Media Toolkit.

Semrush is a tool that will get you there faster. It’s a shortcut.


The process of benchmarking and capturing data.


Looking at the data to make informed decisions (break something down) based on what your goals and what you should be seeing. 


Decide what needs to be done and write it down. 


Allocate the time to ACTION. Could be 15 minutes, could be 2 months.

Semrush Free Trial: How to Sign Up

How to make the most out of your Semrush trial.

When you sign up, you have 7 days to play around with all of the tools and insights offered. Be ready to run reports, audits, and research keywords to your heart’s content if you don’t play on paying after 7 days. FYI you will have to put in your credit card when you sign up for a trial – so again, be ready to make the most out of your time.

My Semrush Tutorials and Guided Walk-Throughs

See below to get my guided walkthroughs and learn how to:

  • Benchmarking your current SEO performance
  • Do keyword research
  • Audit for SEO opportunities
  • Analyze competitors

Benchmarking Your Current SEO Performance

Keyword Research Basics – Step 1

Keyword Research Basics – Step 2

Competitive Analysis

Keyword Analysis and SERPS/Google Competitive Analysis