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As an SEO Consultant, it’s my job to ensure deserving brands are findable, up-to-date with best practices to remain relevant, and able to hold their own among sophisticated and savvy competitors.  My search engine optimization consulting services and offerings include:

Essentially, I help marketers, organizations, and brands drive website traffic that fills your funnels and pipelines.

Helping Business Grow Since 2009

I’ve been a freelance SEO Consultant and Digital Marketer in Atlanta since 2009. I’m passionate about the field of search engine marketing, ensuring great brands and companies consistently have the means to drive more traffic, and understanding how to make traffic convert faster. Through my years of experience and with my Google Ads Search certification, I provide digital marketing services in organic SEO, Paid Search (PPC), Retargeting, and Paid Social Advertising expertise to:

  • Create campaigns that jumpstart SEO and organic website traffic
  • Help companies generate awareness, increase qualified organic traffic
  • Implement search initiatives that fill marketing and sales funnels
  • Create keyword-driven content and editorial calendars
  • Uncover obstacles as well as opportunities to create a custom roadmap

I’m also on the faculty for AMA’s (American Marketing Association) Digital Marketing Bootcamps and have more than 65 SEO talks under my belt.

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Since 2009 I’ve provided Digital Marketing to a variety of clients.

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SEO & Paid Search Services

I offer SEO, PPC & Paid Social to the K-12 Education Industry

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I’m proud of the results I get for clients - check them out.

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From Atlanta Copywriter to SEO Expert: My Story

Once upon a time, back in 2009, I decided to pursue my dream of opening my own business. I hung out my shingle as a freelance website copywriter and waited for the business to pour in.

But it didn’t.

Instead of a flood of business leads, I had a slow trickle.

I soon realized that just because I had put up a website and declared my virtual door open for business, the clients were not going to magically find their way to me. That realization led to 2 game-changing business activities 1) I knew I had to more purposefully pursue prospective clients and 2) I taught myself organic search engine optimization (SEO).

I knew that when someone googled, “Atlanta copywriter,” I wanted to be on the shortlist of providers they considered. So I knew I had to get to the top of the first page of Google.

And that, my friends, is history.

I never experienced the up-and-down feast-or-famine cycle that many freelancers complain about. Successfully implementing SEO on my WordPress website resulted in a few things:

  • I was lucky to work with many amazing clients over the years, many who found me via Google searches
  • I started getting requests to teach other marketers, web designers, small businesses and freelancers how to do SEO

And that’s how I evolved from a copywriter to an SEO copywriter to an Atlanta SEO Expert and Consultant for businesses across the country. Today I use my expertise to work in the industry I’m most passionate about –  K-12 Education – as well as being passionate about training marketers how do SEO (teaching the fisherman how to fish).

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