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(FULL) Mentoring

All industries

Intermediate-Level Marketers Ready to Accelerate Lead Gen Results

Package includes:
SEO Tool Guided Set-Up
Jumpstart Call
Monthly Group Office Hours
Tools & Templates
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$249/month for 3 months

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(FULL) Coaching

All industries

Marketers Who Will Implement With Guidance

Monthly Package includes:
Individual Monthly Strategy Calls
Accountability Check-Ins
Email Support
Tools & Templates

Starting at $799/month

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K-12 Education

K-12 Organizations That Need Expert SEO

Custom mix of services offered:
PPC (Paid Search)
Paid Social
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Starting at $2,500+/month

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Are you accepting new clients?

At the moment, I am full for the next several months out. Please contact me to learn more or to learn about alternative services more readily available.

How long will it take before we see results?

Improvements are typically seen between 2-6 months. How quickly you can expect results is dependent upon your level of:

  • Brand clarity: you’re crystal clear about who you serve and their buying habits; also, you know what differentiates you as a brand and how to convert a lead to a customer
  • Ready-to-go assets: you have great marketing assets that are already targeted to your ideal customer in the form of images, content, videos, free reports, blog posts, and landing pages. If these assets are not yet created – you’re willing to get them created in conjunction with our efforts and my guidance
  • Existing marketing activities: you’re already doing email marketing, social media marketing, and content creation. You just need more top of the funnel campaigns in digital areas such as PPC, SEO, retargeting, social advertising, conversions, and tracking
  • Industry expertise: are you recognized leaders and experts in your field? Do you have an existing base of happy customers, fans, colleagues, and business partners?
  • How quickly implementation can happen – meaning the improvements have gone live on your site

Clients who get the most ROI from my services in the quickest time possible have their brand clarity, assets, and existing marketing plans well defined. They also are industry thought leaders who are active in their space.

Check out my client portfolio, case studies, and select testimonials here.

What makes you different than other digital marketing agencies and consultants?

Well, I may be biased, but here are a few reasons clients choose to work with me:

  • I have a deep specialty in Search, and began in the industry as a consultant owning my own SEO business since 2009. I frequently speak on SEO, and am on the faculty for AMA (American Marketing Association) leading the SEO workshops for their digital marketing certification. I can diagnose complex SEO issues, and put together strong action plans to hit your desired goals.
  • Specializing in K-12 Education means that I have relevant client and industry experience and knowledge of the markets that you need to reach. I know how to get results faster than the generalist digital marketing agency or SEO consultant you may find. I am personally very passionate about the Education field with 3 kids in K-12. When I believe in a cause or mission, nobody is going to work harder than me to make sure we get your message and offerings in front of the right people.
  • If you want the expert working on your site, look no further. I am a hands-on professional working on your brand, and don’t outsource the work. Look at me as the SEO/SEM digital marketing specialist and extension of your existing marketing team.

Who is a good fit for my SEO programs?

I love what I do, and have fun doing it. But I take getting results very seriously. And the clients who are the best fit do too. They are invested in their success, and making things happen.

My clients are collaborative, and believe in iteration. Experimentation with SEO and digital marketing is the name of the game.

Why should I reach out now instead of researching around more?

If you’re interested in exploring SEO or digital marketing, I invite you to reach out today. By the time most people reach out to me, they always tell me their timeline for getting started is “yesterday.” While I appreciate that (and it always makes me smile as I completely get that), I often have wait lists for clients interested in my SEO and digital marketing services (except for my SEO Mentoring program, which is open year-round). When it comes to making sure your online presence is relevant, updated, and you are as findable as possible, there is no time to waste to keep up with your savvier competition. I invite you to reach out to have a conversation with me today about which service may be the best fit for you.

Which package is right for me?

If you’re wondering which SEO package is right for you, I can help give you a little guidance:

  • Custom Solutions: this is my SEO and Digital Marketing retainer package, which is customized to meet the needs of each client. This is a “done for you” program, where I act as the digital/SEO member of your marketing team. I set the strategy, do the work, provide the reporting and analytics, work with your entire team, etc. on a regular basis for as long as you’re happy and seeing results. My specialty and focus industry is K-12 Education, but if you fall outside of that let me know. Over my 10 years of doing SEO I have worked with every client imaginable. This starts at $2500+ per month.
  • SEO Coaching: my coaching program is for marketers newer to SEO who will do the work themselves, but who need extra hand-holding and monthly individual accountability. This starts at $799 per month and there are limited spots available.
  • SEO Mentoring: my mentoring program is for savvy, intermediate-level marketers who want to bring their results to the next level. This is for marketers who will do the work themselves, who are resourceful and can take guidance and run with it.

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