SEO Training for Marketers

Keeping Up With SEO Just Got a Whole Lot Easier (and Dare I Say Enjoyable?)

You are a brilliant marketer who loves to learn. But when it comes to SEO, keeping up with evolving tactics and techniques can be a headache when you already have a full plate. SEO is simply not as intuitive as other channels, and it seems to change at a breakneck pace.

You’re here because you recognize the importance of keeping up with SEO. My free and paid SEO trainings help marketers and brands be more visible, remain relevant with changing times, and be more competitive.

SEO Training for Marketers and Content Creators

I help marketing professionals, marketing teams, and marketing leaders who are tasked with SEO and
getting results. Take charge of your learning and get into action: browse my free and paid resources
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Featured SEO Trainings and Products

ChatGPT for SEO Cheat Sheet (Free Resource)

Learn how to use the power of AI tools - while making sure you don't get penalized by Google while doing so.

Template: 12-Month SEO Action Plan

This SEO Action Plan Template is designed to address these 3 areas: Executing 1-time projects, Maintaining existing results and best practices, and Identifying the ongoing activities that contribute to growth & momentum.


Who are your trainings for?

I am a big proponent of teaching the fisherman how to fish. Meaning, most marketers are busy doing amazing work already. With a little focused SEO training, they can be off and running. Marketers who attend my trainings include web designers, marketing freelancers and strategists, agency owners and specialists, content creators, and everyone in between.

What SEO Trainings Do You Offer?

My SEO offerings are always expanding, but my current core offerings are:

I also train frequently for the American Marketing Association. To keep up-to-date with my latest SEO trainings, sign up here to get notifications.

How Is Your SEO Training Different?

As a nerdy writer at heart, I design my trainings to be easy-to-understand for non-techies. SEO can be such a boring, heavy topic, I aim to make sure my trainings are lively, interesting, and tailored to how SEO is applied to the bigger picture and what role marketers need to play.

What Is the Pricing for Your Training and Products?

Pricing for my trainings range from free to low-cost ($29) to more premium ($99-599). Start with what is needed. And if you’re not sure, I recommend my 5-day free SEO crash course.

What SEO platform do you recommend?

When I began my SEO career over 12 years ago, I started on Moz’s SEO platform. About 6 years ago, I migrated over to Semrush, which is where I’ve been ever since. Semush is a powerful SEO platform – I just wish the interface and platform didn’t have such a steep learning curve and it was more intuitive. For those looking to get up to speed on Semrush faster, check out this training. I’ve created guided walk-throughs and quick video screenshares.

Hi, I’m Jenny.

An SEO practitioner, speaker, coach and trainer. SEO has been my focus area — and my passion — since 2009. I’m in the trenches every day, and I’ve made it my mission to demystify SEO concepts and practices for clients and students and even myself in my own consulting business. For more than 10 years, I’ve been an independent SEO consultant dedicated to helping companies generate brand awareness, traffic and conversions, and growth, with SEO. I’m on the faculty for the American Marketing Association and have taught SEO to thousands of marketers.

Testimonials from My SEO Training Students

Jenny was AWESOME – great speaker, only focused on the most relevant/important parts of the topic and made things easy to understand + actionable. She was passionate about the content, shared real life examples, really listened and responded to our questions. She was one of the best speakers I have heard in a long time!

Jenny was on-point throughout the entire presentation. She knows SEO inside and out, and is confident to say that while it’s an art, there is also some experimentation involved. Loved that there was no blah blah at the beginning. Jenny understands the value of time and spent each second of it very productively, giving us actionable items throughout the presentation.