SEO Case Study: Bringing SEO In-House

This predictive analytics sports software company hired us because they wanted more control, insight and internal empowerment on how SEO works. They needed a plan that their product marketing manager could execute on as well as internal training for future SEO efforts, decision making, and results tracking.

The Challenge

This client came to us as an alternative to the outside SEO agency they had used previously. They felt their SEO agency wasn’t transparent or aligned with the overall company goals, and the agency’s content strategy and execution was missing the mark.

The Strategy

We were fast approaching their peak season so working swiftly to research, create a strategy, train their team on implementation, and monitor execution was of the utmost importance. What we did together:

  • in this growing competitive market, we found a better creative angle and set of niche keywords that would drive more business goals and conversions
  • analyzed the infrastructure, limitations and opportunities of the website in order to maximize on-page SEO
  • created an on-page and off-page short-term and long-term plan and trained the product marketing manager on modern SEO fundamentals

The Results

At the end of our SEO, their product marketing manager had this to say about our services:

“I liked that I was a part of all of the decision making while also learning how to take over our SEO efforts in the future. It was a great combination of guidance and letting me do what I thought was best based on our industry. I can already tell that our site makes much more sense and there is a clearer call to action on each landing page. This is huge because we are a seasonal business, and people landing on various pages on the site need to know why our system is a tool worth purchasing. I loved how organized everything was- it all made sense. The process was smooth and the transition at the end of the two months was seamless. I feel comfortable moving forward.”