SEO Case Study: SEO Success for a B2B Consulting Firm Website Redesign

CentricsIT is a B2B reseller and consulting firm that recently went through a website redesign and wanted a consultant who would answer their questions quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

The savvy, smart marketing team at at CentricsIT came to us because they wanted to make sure SEO was properly being accounted for and would improve, not deteriorate, upon launch of their redesigned website. They wanted an actionable strategy for SEO moving forward, as well as a refresher on SEO best practices for their team.

The Strategy

For several months we had the pleasure of partnering with CentricsIT during their website redesign process. After examining their needs, goals, resources, and competitive landscape, we put together a strategy and then trained and guided them as they executed internally. Our training and consulting services focused on:

  • refreshed their on-page optimization: keyword usage, condensing duplicate pages, improving internal linking
  • put together a strategy that was linked to the executive team’s overall company priorities, goals and objectives
  • created a customized execution plan that took into account resources, labor, budget and execution workload limitations and opportunities
  • held foundational SEO trainings with the team that covered on-page optimization, SEO blogging, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, off-page optimization, and SEO tracking and organization

The Results

At the end of our consulting engagement, their Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator had this to say about the SEO consulting engagement:

“Jenny’s trainings were very valuable and we felt like we learned many useful tips and ideas. She helped us think outside the box and come up with creative ideas we have never thought about. She gave us an easy to follow roadmap for analyzing our site, performing keyword research, writing copy for our landing pages, creating a link building strategy, and writing compelling meta tags. It was exactly what we needed to take our SEO optimization efforts to the next level. We would recommend Jenny to anyone out there looking for a trustworthy and very knowledgeable SEO consultant. “