SEO Coaching for Marketers

At the moment I am full until mid-2022.
If you need SEO coaching, mentoring, or consulting, reach out and I can provide you with alternatives. 

SEO is complex. There is a lot of great information out there, but it can feel like drinking from a firehose. Or worse, the information is irrelevant to your situation, outdated and confusing. SEO coaching is a great option for those who:

  • Are doing SEO on behalf of an organization and looking for guidance
  • Don’t want or need an agency every month doing the work; or, who don’t have the budget to pay $3,000+ every month
  • Want visibility, leads, traffic and results
  • Have at least one marketing team member who will be in charge of SEO efforts. And given guidance and direction, this person or team is competent and savvy enough to implement and get the work done.

Search engine optimization changes frequently. When you sign up with me for SEO coaching, you’re making sure you’re proactively staying ahead of Google and digital marketing landscape and industry changes.

The monthly package starts at $799 and includes:

  • Individual Monthly Strategy Calls
  • Accountability Check-Ins
  • Email Support
  • Tools & Templates
  • Guided Activities
  • SEO Calendar and Reporting Set-Up and Walk-Throughs

Want to learn more? Reach out to me today to see if we are a fit and to get final pricing based on your needs.

Coaching FAQs

Is SEO Coaching for You?

I have been an SEO professional for 10 years. I’ve presented workshops and trainings on SEO for 10 years, and have provided coaching for businesses of all sizes for 5+ years. SEO coaching is perfect for you if you:

  • Have a team who can dedicate time regularly to working on SEO tasks and recommendations between calls
  • Don’t have the big budget—or need—for an aggressive “done for you” SEO monthly retainer
  • Are confident that with guidance and direction, your team can take recommendations and run with them from beginning to end
  • Know how to formulate and ask questions to research into inevitable roadblocks that will come up to avoid stalling and losing momentum
  • Are savvy and comfortable with general online marketing tasks: blogging, making website changes in the CMS back end, updating social media accounts, writing content, etc.
  • Are serious about SEO and ready to commit to at least 3 months at a pace that makes sense to the business
  • Are eager and excited about learning and dedicated to organizational growth

Who is SEO Coaching NOT a Fit For?

SEO coaching is not a fit for everyone. It requires you to do a lot of one-time work, and then ongoing iteration, before you see results. This is not a fit for you if you or your team:

  • Are already extremely busy and not ready to dedicate regular hours to addressing ongoing SEO needs
  • Prefer to have the work done for you quickly and efficiently (ask to see my SEO “done for you” digital marketing retainer packages, which start at $3,000 per month)
  • Don’t have a budget dedicated to growth and SEO monthly coaching for 3+ months
  • Are not doing any other online marketing to attract new prospects and grow your business (social media, email marketing, referral partner nurturing, attending face-to-face networking events, etc.)

Why SEO Coaching with SEMRush?

The two biggest obstacles to SEO success that I see are a lack of focused direction, and a lack of consistent activity.

SEMRush complements my SEO coaching program as we won’t get any SEO traction until you’re rolling up your sleeves, implementing, and knowing what to do next to keep iterating on a reasonably consistent basis. This tool does exactly that. SEMRush is the SEO and digital marketing platform I use for myself and every single client.*

SEMRush will serve as the one-stop-shop for our SEO/digital efforts. Signing up via my partner link (here) allows me permission to access the account you create and do your one-time set up on your behalf, as well as monitor your progress for the duration of our coaching engagement.

By using the SEMRush platform, you don’t have to always wait on me to tell you what you should be doing next. You can advance and implement at your speed. And when you have questions or need guidance, that’s when the guidance and mentorship kicks in. Long after you no longer need me, you can continue using SEMrush to track results, proactively stay ahead of competition, and continue climbing up in rankings.

SEMRush will allow you to:

  • Pull your backlinks—and more importantly competitor backlinks—to understand who is ranking ahead of you and why
  • Track SEO performance and keyword rankings; this essential SEO function is super simple with both the SEMRrush website and handy smartphone app
  • Conduct keyword research (which is not a one-time activity). learn how to find keywords for your planned blogs and content marketing efforts
  • Avoid confusion and stay on top of Google’s constant algorithm changes, while monitoring any impacts on your site, your competitors, and your industry
  • Get proactive, not reactive: Spot SEO performance issues and address them before your website gets hit
  • Review content optimization suggestions to improve keyword targeting

*I am a partner and affiliate for SEMRush. I conduct my corporate marketing trainings and workshops, SEO business, and SEO retainer client work using SEMRush*

At the Moment My Coaching is Full