SEO Content Campaign Service

Need to Fill Your Pipeline Faster? Accelerate Your Top of the Funnel Acquisitions

Today, organic SEO paired with content marketing is a no-brainer

Especially if your target market actively turns to Google and other search engines to solve their problems and self-educate. Awareness at the top of the funnel serves an increasingly important role in the buying cycle. According to a Forrester, 74% of business buyers say they conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase.

The bottom line is (no pun intended), that when you drive more awareness and convert traffic, you can nurture them successfully.

You have the tools, sales team, and resources that can run with leads. You just need more qualified prospects who are finding you consistently.

What We Do: Content SEO Campaign Strategy and Implementation

At The Munn Group, we specialize in helping organizations drive more traffic to their marketing funnels.

We do this through SEO content marketing campaigns.

You need to fill your pipeline, and we meet that need by complementing your team with expert accelerated plans and execution.

In a nutshell, we jumpstart your SEO with keyword-focused content marketing designed to convert traffic.

We have a proprietary process that accelerates execution and results, meaning you don’t have to wait through the agonizingly slow and painful process of waiting for SEO results to kick in month and after month and fielding questions you’re not sure the answers to.

Who Is a Good Fit for This Service?

Clients who are a great fit for our services have said the following to us:

  • “Once we get them in our pipeline – we have it covered.”
  • “We have a great product that sells itself.”
  • “Our campaigns have a high conversion and close rate – we just need more people in the funnel.”

If our years of experience in SEO, content, and website marketing funnels has taught us anything, it’s a solid understanding of one thing: clients who are (and who are not) positioned to get the most ROI from SEO and our services. These clients share the following characteristics:

  • You have employees in your company who are established thought leaders in your industry
  • Your team has the ability to make decisions quickly and decisively
  • You have a growth mindset and aggressive growth goals
  • You’re working an existing marketing plan and have a history of being out there in the community, at events, in front of your customers.
  • You have existing assets (content, collateral, and copy) that are targeted towards your target market
  • You’re crystal clear on who you’re targeting
  • You have an established brand, personality, voice and uniqueness in the market

Ready to chat and see if we’re a good fit? Contact me today.