SEO Case Study: SEO Integration for a B2B Technology Consulting Firm


From Black Magic Beliefs to B2B Lead Gen Success 

InnoVergent is a cloud-based technology consulting firm that helps their clients implement accounting, marketing, and business applications. A very dynamic, energetic company, they were ready to tackle SEO and learn how to start showing up for keywords they knew their prospective customers were looking for.

The Challenge

I was approached by the InnoVergent team because they wanted to learn how to integrate SEO into their existing marketing and lead generation repertoire. Like many companies, they previously operated on a referral only business and wanted to diversify, as well as maximize the efforts of their robust marketing plan. As their SEO consultant I was tasked with putting together a practical, customized strategy we would execute together as well as training on overall SEO best practices.

The Strategy

For 6 months I had the pleasure of partnering with InnoVergent. Based off a combination of their needs, goals, resources, and competitive landscape,  we put together a strategy I trained them to execute internally. Training and consulting services centered on:

  • Competitive analysis and dissecting the reasons competitors were ranking ahead of them
  • Audits to find what technical, content, usability, and optimization improvements we could make
  • Practical and realistic keyword research and selection to match resources with results
  • Identifying priority content to optimize on the site and methodically optimizing pages
  • Training on how to write blog posts on topics their market was looking for and work in an editorial calendar
  • Tracking, monitoring, and analyzing SEO, content, and marketing efforts via Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools
  • How to integrate SEO into ongoing marketing and business development activities

The Results

Because InnoVergent is in this for the long haul, we took time to do things right – the only way SEO is sustainable today. From working with a professional copywriting team to partnering with their web design firm to carving out regular time every week to do SEO activities, we have successful results to show and the team couldn’t be more pleased.

Ashley Mawyer, InnoVergent’s marketing coordinator, remarked:

“Our company has focused on SEO for the first time and we have seen great results! We are actually seeing a change in the ranking for the top pages that we decided to focus on for our website.  We have also had our recent clients tell us that they found us online which has never happened in the past.  We have only worked off of referrals up to this point. I found SEO extremely interesting and learned so much about what I once thought was ‘black magic.’ It was a great learning process.”