Case Studies

Getting results from SEO and digital marketing campaigns takes the perfect blend of smart strategy with sweat equity and pivoting regularly. Check out my case studies in the K-12 Education market (as well as B2B and eCommerce) where I share how I partnered with amazing businesses to roll up our sleeves, get to work, and get results.

K-12 Education Non-Profit Advocacy SEO

"• Overall, traffic YOY (year over year) comparing September 2017 to September 2018 grew 134% from 6,500 users to over 15,000 users.
• Immediately upon implementation, organic SEO traffic began a steady march upwards. Six months later, the SEO work resulted in a 300% growth in traffic
• Of the 134% growth from 6500 users to over 15,000, SEO increased significantly from 1,863 to 9,934, a 433% overall increase"

School Marketing Budget: How to Control Digital Marketing Costs

"Conversions are tracking. We know what are marketing is doing and how it’s getting there. We were paying too much and we also had several holes that needed to be filled in. We’re staying on target and doing better than in the past years. We’re close to full."

Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study

"“Brava us! So glad we were nimble.” Measuring outcomes and course correcting halfway through the campaign resulted in conversion acceleration from 2 conversions to 16 conversions, a 600% growth."

SEO for Early Childhood Education Consultant

"I hired Jenny to do an SEO audit as she came highly recommended to me by a colleague in the K-12 Education space. I was not disappointed! After looking at my analytics, website, and keywords, she identified easy opportunities to improve my visibility and results. She also took the time to explain to me what I needed to do going forward when writing my content and creating my videos. I recommend Jenny for any other educational consultants or companies seeking better performance from their website. She's very passionate about the industry and an ethical expert in her field."

B2B Tech SEO Redesign Case Study

"Jenny’s trainings were very valuable and we felt like we learned many useful tips and ideas. She helped us think outside the box and come up with creative ideas we have never thought about. She gave us an easy to follow roadmap for analyzing our site, performing keyword research, writing copy for our landing pages, creating a link building strategy, and writing compelling meta tags. It was exactly what we needed to take our SEO optimization efforts to the next level. We would recommend Jenny to anyone out there looking for a trustworthy and very knowledgeable SEO consultant."

K-12 Education SEO Content Campaign

"We met Jenny Munn at a conference and knew immediately that she was a good fit for our small education company. Jenny’s team completed an audit of our website and they identified a number of areas for improvement. We’ve worked with 2 other SEO consultants previously. What’s great about Jenny is that she is not only extremely knowledgeable about SEO, but she’s a great instructor as well. She was patient at explaining the steps to our marketing manager and me. I’d highly recommend Jenny Munn."

Independent School SEO Case Study

"We did see a huge jump in inquiries, and we're going to go back and compare our numbers to previous years, same time frame. We have had big surges at the beginning of Fall before, but we were low last year, so just getting back on the map again is a great improvement. Thank you for your help so far. I am stunned at how much difference it is making. Had expected to have to wait 6 weeks but the changes began almost immediately."

K-12 SEO Case Study

"I just have to say THANK YOU for sharing SO MUCH wonderful information and empowering me to put it into practice! I’m not sure I even knew what SEO was when we began and – although far from expert level – now I feel like I have a working knowledge. You probably already know this, but you are a wonderful communicator – professional and personable. You have an amazing amount of knowledge and experience that you expertly present in bite sized pieces."

B2C eCommerce SEO Case Study

"It was great working with the Munn Group – we talked to several SEO freelancers and digital agencies, but they either wanted to lock us in to a long term contract, add non-SEO services, or did not seem to have the chops. Jenny and team delivered a program that fit our budgetary needs and delivered the goods. After following the Munn Group recommendations, we saw a 14% increase in organic traffic and revenue. Their approach of teaching the fishermen to fish was the correct path for our team."