Case Studies

Getting results from SEO and digital marketing campaigns takes the perfect blend of smart strategy with sweat equity and pivoting regularly. Check out my case studies in the K-12 Education market (as well as B2B and eCommerce) where I share how I partnered with amazing businesses to roll up our sleeves, get to work, and get results.

K-12 Consulting Firm Gets SEO Results

"Jenny, thank you for your collaboration and partnership this year, and for leading efforts to keep us visible and driving leads through SEO. We've seen many qualified prospects reach out using language from the articles and blog posts you've helped us strategize and publish. We're looking forward to another great year of work together. "

K-12 Nonprofit Drives More Brand Awareness with SEO

"To stay competitive, relevant, and visible, strong search engine optimization has become a critical marketing tactic to employ. We want iCivics to be the first resource that educators find when they are searching online for teaching resources. To achieve this goal, iCivics hired Jenny to help us strategically optimize our website content and help us leverage paid search advertising campaigns. Jenny is a true expert in her area and brings a positive, can-do attitude and an educational approach that has developed the knowledge and skill sets of our internal team. We are incredibly grateful for her partnership, bright energy, and excellent work that has pushed us forward."

K-12 SEO Strategy Informs Content Creation That Generates Leads

"Within a few months, we not only got to Page 1 for the most important keyword, we achieved improved rankings for many relevant keywords, which brought increased qualified organic traffic. In fact, EFI is considering hiring a salesperson to deal with the influx of inquiries."

SEO for K-12 Curriculum Company

" Thank you so much for your help this year. Your guidance and effort has been significant and has really helped us to get up and running.
-Our target keywords on page 1 of Google grew by 120%
-We gained “Position 0” for many keywords, where the average CTR was a high 40%
-Year over year in Q4, the site’s traffic grew 67% for non-branded keywords. Impressions grew 216%, from 354,347 impressions to over 1.1 million impressions. We accomplished this not by creating substantially more content, but by optimizing the evergreen existing content. "

K-12 Education Non-Profit Advocacy SEO

"• Overall, traffic YOY (year over year) comparing September 2017 to September 2018 grew 134% from 6,500 users to over 15,000 users.
• Immediately upon implementation, organic SEO traffic began a steady march upwards. Six months later, the SEO work resulted in a 300% growth in traffic
• Of the 134% growth from 6500 users to over 15,000, SEO increased significantly from 1,863 to 9,934, a 433% overall increase"

School Marketing Budget: How to Control Digital Marketing Costs

"Conversions are tracking. We know what are marketing is doing and how it’s getting there. We were paying too much and we also had several holes that needed to be filled in. We’re staying on target and doing better than in the past years. We’re close to full."

Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study

"“Brava us! So glad we were nimble.” Measuring outcomes and course correcting halfway through the campaign resulted in conversion acceleration from 2 conversions to 16 conversions, a 600% growth."

SEO for Early Childhood Education Consultant

"I hired Jenny to do an SEO audit as she came highly recommended to me by a colleague in the K-12 Education space. I was not disappointed! After looking at my analytics, website, and keywords, she identified easy opportunities to improve my visibility and results. She also took the time to explain to me what I needed to do going forward when writing my content and creating my videos. I recommend Jenny for any other educational consultants or companies seeking better performance from their website. She's very passionate about the industry and an ethical expert in her field."