SEO Case Study: Small Marketing Agency

“Whatever you did, it’s working!”

This case study is about a small creative marketing agency in Atlanta. They pride themselves on a core concept of simplifying the solutions and messaging they provide for their Fortune 500 and mid-sized clients.

The Challenge

When they first approached me it’s because they wanted to learn about SEO and integrate it into their site without putting extraneous words all over the page just for the sake of optimization. After all, they hang their hat on “simplification” and wanted to practice what they preach. The main SEO services I was hired to provide were:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Strategy
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Business owner SEO training and education

The Strategy

One of the most important steps in determining an SEO strategy involves understanding your competitive environment. I knew we had to steer clear of the same keywords that huge, national agencies were competing for since they had the budget to throw thousands of dollars at SEO every month. 

After taking a look at the competitive SEO marketplace I identified several high-traffic, low-competition keywords. I was very excited about one keyword in particular, a niche modifier keyword, as it had incredible potential. That keyword went on the homepage. I went to work optimizing the site – judiciously of course – for these keywords, while at the same time working with the agency owner to make sure the SEO additions to his site were in-line with his messaging, goals, and values. 

Along with the optimization execution, a component of the services I provided were educating and training the owner exactly what SEO entails, what is necessary for SEO success, and what ongoing steps he can do after my SEO project engagement ended. 

The Results

“Whatever you did, it’s working…”

Almost immediately following the on-page optimization, the agency started seeing results. In Google Analytics we started seeing the keywords we optimized for pop up, which meant two important things: 1) that people WERE using these keywords to find marketing agency providers and 2) that they were in fact landing on his site. 

Then – the absolute best part (which is in fact the goal of SEO) – his phone started ringing and customers would say, “I found you online after I googled  [insert exciting niche modifier keyword here].”

The owner was thrilled, and emailed me a message with the subject line: “Whatever you did, it’s working.” I also got a congratulatory email from his business consultant, who was pleasantly surprised that the optimization efforts worked so fast.  The owner also sent me a testimonial: 

“I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results of Jenny Munn’s SEO work. She was very knowledgeable and kept strategy and implementation moving quickly. I appreciated how she listened to my feedback and wishes, while also guiding me into the choices that were right for not only the search engines but also for my customers and my business. Not only did we see results immediately, but 2 years after we did the SEO work together, I’m at the top of the search results on Page 1 for numerous search terms – even very competitive terms. The best part is, I have leads and prospects who pick up the phone to call me every week after finding me online. Whatever you did, it worked! I heartily recommend Jenny to whoever needs a smart, savvy SEO professional.”

My take? It’s all about the keyword. Because we chose mostly high-traffic, lower competition niche keywords (a few with strategic modifiers) we were able to start ranking straightaway. We also weren’t heavily dependent on linkbuilding. It also helped the client had a great website to begin with. Very clean, very “conversion friendly,” and designed to impress with his high caliber of work and clientele. So once visitors landed he converted the visitors well into picking up the phone and calling. Today, his ability to start ranking for a less competitive keyword has contributed to his #1 ranking for a very competitive keyword, along with a slew of other keywords that drive traffic, leads and sales. Two years after the initial optimization efforts, this marketing agency’s SEO is still going strong!