2-Minute Video Book Review: e-Riches 2.0 by Scott Fox

Greetings and I hope you enjoy my 2-minute video book review of e-Riches 2.0 by Scott Fox. I enjoyed this book and think it’s good for anyone who needs a basic, comprehensive overview of better internet marketing and ecommerce practices. It’s not overly technical and stays pretty basic. Enjoy the review! Please let me know if you have any feedback on how I can improve my book reviews. Thanks!

Abbreviated Transcript from video:

Hi there, I’m Jenny Munn and for my 2-minute video review I wanted to share with you a book called e-Riches 2.0 by Scott Fox.

According to the back of the book, it is targeted for businesses new to online marketing to full fledged e-businesses in search of a huge burst in sales, buzz, and lasting customer relationships.

Here are a few helpful sections from the book that reinforce certain mentalities that I share :

  1. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book, and if readers take away anything, it is this: “it is geeky and outdated to be too corporate; let you, and your company’s personality shine.” Caveat – don’t let loose and cross the line to being unprofessional, but the Internet is all about transparency. If people google you and you don’t show up, that’s not good.
  2. Shift from the mentality of having a “website” to having a “product presence,” as this encompasses everything from your website, to enewsletters, blog comments, social media, SEO, product and company reviews, etc.
  3. Marketing tactics should include consistent, online content in the form of RSS feeds, autoresponders, and blogs. You should be collecting email addresses ASAP.  

And lastly, this book provides a good overview and some basics for those in e-commerce.

Thanks guys, see ya’ll next time.

You can buy e-Riches 2.0: Next-Generation Marketing Strategies for Making Millions Online here (P.S. I’m an Amazon affiliate). Thank you!

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