Ecommerce SEO Results Post-COVID

Industry: Ecommerce

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Ecommerce SEO Results Before, During and Post COVID

Sunnyland Farms is one of my favorite, long-standing clients who I have worked with for many years.  I started off providing SEO strategy and training, and that has grown to monthly SEO implementation, PPC, Paid Search, Retargeting, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, and many other services.

We’ve been building brand authority over the past few years, and have increased adding authoritative, helpful content and resources to the website in order to maintain brand awareness to prospects and customers, and to show Google and other search engines we are the expert in this space. Feeding the top of the funnel, and bringing in new customers and prospects is important, as is continuing to retain existing customers through retargeting, brand loyalty, and personable content and campaigns.

The Results

Post-COVID SEO Results

Despite the ecommerce industry experiencing a downturn and atrophy post-COVID boom, this client has done well with their digital marketing, SEO, and digital advertising. Results include:

  • Clicks increased 23% YoY during the most important season for the industry, and impressions increased by over 21%
  • In addition, rankings have never been stronger for core keywords, which have grown in competition since COVID.
  • Both brand and non-brand keywords saw growth