SEO COVID-19 Resources

Below are a few timely resources with takeaways that I found helpful for marketers. I’ll continue to update this page with great links and takeaways. Be safe!

  1. WSJ article: “The Good News Is, You’re CEO. The Bad News Is the Economy Is Shut Down.
    • “Right now, is when we show the value and culture”
    • What do you want your company to be associated with?
    • Areas:
      • Monitor the situation and build a continuity plan
      • Focus on growth, cost cutting and strategy
      • Find opportunities, analyze them, seize them
    • Show you’re listening
    • Reinvention – use the current crisis for reinvention
    • Protect yourself, and find opportunities
  1. SEMRush: “Coronavirus Economic Impact: Market Winners and Losers of COVID-19

Spoiler alert:

  • Companies who are winning: Zoom, Slack, Clorox, Amazon Fresh, home fitness
  • Companies who are struggling: Delta, Carnival Cruise, Disney, events and festivals
  1. Managing Your Digital Strategy During COVID-19
    • Hold firm on maintaining a strong brand presence.
    • Those brands that invest in maintaining or increasing their presence during economic downturns will benefit once it recovers.
    • Search demand for services such as e-learning, electrical goods/electronics and home schooling supplies has skyrocketed over the past week or so.
    • Plan for longer conversion paths
    • On social media, now is the time to humanize your brand, foster community, help those who need it most, and build awareness by doing the right thing.

Rand Fishkin/Moz’s recent Whiteboard Friday: “Marketing in Times of Uncertainty – Whiteboard Friday” from Friday, April 3rd