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Digital Marketing for K-12 Education

SEO, PPC, and Social Advertising done-for-you services for Early Education, Schools, and the K-12 Community.

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Mentoring and training for in-house marketers to get SEO campaigns off the ground with better, faster results

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Coaching for marketers who need an expert to provide a strategy and guide implementation efforts

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SEM/SEO Articles From The Blog

If Your Google Rankings Started Declining….Would You Know Before It was Too Late?

Once upon a time (in 2010) I used to monitor my clients’ SEO campaigns in the same way the caveman probably used to. By googling my client’s top 50 keywords and tracking manually on a spreadsheet where were ranking for that week. 3 hours later I would be done with Client 1 and I’d move…

The Only SEO Tool You Need When You Are Overwhelmed

Let me ask you a question. When you attend a webinar that teaches about SEO….or read an article that outlines SEO best practices or the latest trends …are you more overwhelmed than inspired? It’s inevitable that there will be friction between what you learn and how you put it into action. This is why on…

SEO Traffic is Trending Down. Here’s What You Need to Know About It

When you start having conversations about SEO, you can’t swing a cat without touching on organic CTRs (click-through rates) fairly early on. When SEOs talk CTRs, there is a specific area we’re referring to. What is Organic CTR? Organic CTR is the percentage of impressions that result in a click back to the website. Or…

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