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Hi, I’m Jenny. I help organizations better utilize SEO for brand awareness so they can generate more quality traffic consistently. I provide expert SEO training, services, consulting, products, and resources that empower marketers and brands to identify untapped growth, attract new customers, drive more traffic, and achieve SEO progress faster. SEO is not rocket science, but keeping up with SEO is challenging.

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The Impact of AI on SEO

Fair warning. You are going to be hearing a lot from me around the impact of AI on SEO. Get excited. Because as marketers, it’s important we keep up slowly but surely to understand how this is going to change what we do as far as what SEO, and all the things that come along…

Your 2023 SEO Strategy Plan: 3 Factors to Consider

SEO is still important and will be a top-performing channel with you in 2023, BUT ONLY if your SEO strategy plan has evolved to reflect the times. Here’s a brief timeline of what our strategy entailed the past few years: Your 2023 SEO Plan: 3 Areas You Must Take Into Account Fast forward to 2023.…

ChatGPT for SEO: What’s Impressive, What’s Scary

This article was updated on 6/2/23. Also see this on the impact of AI on SEO. What Will Be the Impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on SEO? AI has the potential to improve SEO by optimizing website content, personalizing search results, streamlining data management and analysis, enhancing the user experience, and detecting spam or low-quality…