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Hi, I’m Jenny. I help organizations better utilize SEO for brand awareness so they can generate more quality traffic consistently. I provide expert SEO training, services, consulting, products, and resources that empower marketers and brands to identify untapped growth, attract new customers, drive more traffic, and achieve SEO progress faster. SEO is not rocket science, but keeping up with SEO is challenging.

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How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results? (Updated for 2023)

Many moons ago, when I was fighting the good fight to establish myself as an SEO professional, a prospective client in a sales conversation asked me how long it would take to show results. Naively unprepared for the dreaded question, I froze like a deer in headlights and stammered out a mostly unintelligible response with…

SEO Health Check: 8 Steps To a Quick & Dirty Effective SEO Competitive Audit

When did you last conduct a quick and dirty SEO Competitive Audit? When it comes to tracking your rankings, you will never get the competitive insight needed if you’re not manually observing what’s happening in the wild.  And because we’re all short on time, I took my SEO Competitive Audit and abbreviated it into these…

The Impact of AI on SEO

Fair warning. You are going to be hearing a lot from me around the impact of AI on SEO. Get excited. Because as marketers, it’s important we keep up slowly but surely to understand how this is going to change what we do as far as what SEO, and all the things that come along…