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Digital Marketing for K-12 Education

  • Lead Acquisition: fill your sales pipeline

  • Generate Demand: create more interest in what you have to offer

Digital marketing amplifies your reach to every K-12 target demographic: parents, students, educators, administrators, young professionals, and others in the Education community.  Are you ready to drive more awareness, traffic and conversions?

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Search, Digital Marketing, & Digital Advertising Services for Schools and the K-12 Education Market

Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to give you more visibility and traffic through more prominent rankings.

Paid Search (PPC)

Drive traffic quickly quickly for launches and important seasonality peaks with a Google AdWords certified professional.

Paid Social Advertising

Generate demand by being present and visible where your target market is gathering online to drive more brand awareness.

Generate Awareness -> Drive Traffic -> Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Supplement Your Team

Do you lack the in-house expertise and bandwidth needed to succeed in today’s digital landscape?

Unprecedented Opportunities

Wondering how to most effectively – and more consistently - acquire quality leads specific to your needs?

Flexibility & Expertise

Need an expert who can work with your team and fill in the gaps in your overall marketing plan?

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As we kick off 2018 and aim to improve our marketing efforts, it’s important to reset and refresh our understanding of what makes our target markets tick. What information are they turning to Google for? Where are they hanging out online for work and for fun? What devices do they use and how do they…

PRSA Atlanta SEO Seminar on Search Engine Optimization for PR Professionals

I enjoyed speaking to the Atlanta PRSA chapter on 2018 SEO trends and tips. We covered a number of subjects for communicators and PR professionals that will help them up their game around search engine optimization. Social SEO Linkbuilding and Outreach Content Strategy Keyword Research How PR contributes to SEO Schema, Rich Snippets, Position 0…

Done with Basic SEO? This One Thing Should Be Next on Your Checklist

I’ve got 2 words for you: “Machine learning” and “screenless devices.” Yes, I know that is more than 2 words, but you get the gist. Let’s get to the point of what this all boils down to: Structured Markup. To all of my non-technical readers out there, DON’T LEAVE. Hear me out, okay? While structured…

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