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I’m obsessed with information products. And not only the products themselves, I’m fascinated with how people go about successfully promoting them, generating buzz, creating marketing campaigns, and capitalizing on their success.

So I was very motivated to interview Danielle LaPorte because she is launching an ebook. And not just an ebook. A “digital experience.” What’s a digital experience and how is that different than an ebook? Don’t worry, I asked myself the same thing. To find out what this is all about, read my interview with Danielle below:

Me: Why create a “digital experience” vs. a straight-up ebook/information product?
Danielle LaPorte (DL): The perception of “e-books” is that they’re quick and dirty, utilitarian, and made for the moment. I created The Fire Starter Sessions with the same standards as a book that I’d write for a major publishing house. And as for the multi-media components, video teachings and audio files – you’re just a fool to not use all of the amazing communications tools that we all have access to these days.

Really, I’m using modern tech to create a package that I hope will be perennially useful. 

Me: How is this content different from what’s out there?
DL: It’s rooted in my life-work experience and that experience is unique, and for lot’s of entrepreneurs, it’s really relevant. I’ve worked in non-profits, I’ve raised venture capital. I’ll pitched hundreds of media producers, and been on every side of the publishing equation. I’ve bombed, survived, thrived. And I’ve seen what works and doesn’t work – I jammed with over 460 business owners just last year alone. 

Me: What problem did you see that this product solves?
DL: Isolation, apathy, the very real need to keep your mojo perpetually stoked. 

Me: You’ve done so much – what is your secret to execution? (Executing ideas, turning ideas into actionable plans)
DL: Execution is the secret to execution. Not to be coy. But, are you going to launch or what? The point is to make stuff. I have a stick on my computer monitor that says: WHAT AM I MAKING? It works.

Me: What is a common theme among clients and why they hire or come to you? What are they looking for?
DL: Clarity. Permission to be bigger. Really specific how-to’s in terms of social media. Smokin’ hot ideas. Connections. Prioritization (that’s my favourite part.)

Me: How have YOU communicated your expertise – either online or offline? What has been the most successful for you? (Blog, books, email list, twitter, networking, speaking gigs, etc.)
DL: I’m media-lingual. (See answer to #1). My most viral and respected material is about my actual experience. The real story always pays off. Authenticity is magnetic.

Me: What differentiates you from your competition?
DL: Competition? What’s that?

For more information visit and read more about The Fire Starter Sessions below. You can pre-order today and Danielle officially launches in May.

THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS is: an e-book meets video transmission of acumen and love. You: are likely sitting on an empire of content, product, services, and prosperity that needs a spark — or blow torch — to take you to the next level. You: want to rock your revenue streams and do meaningful things in the world. 

Worksheets that help you draw conclusions, quick videos with motivational punch, connections to current thinkers, practical smarts, and frank wisdom — THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS is packed with inspiration that you will put to use. 

Each chapter is it’s own “Fire Starter Session” that includes: e-book components, video inspiration or interviews, and worksheets. Some of the sessions are: True Strengths & The Metrics of Ease; Branding: Clarifying the Diamond of You; Products & Services: Making Stuff That Feels Good to Make; Money: More is More, Enough is Plenty; Web Design & SEO: Your Virtual Real-Estate…and dozens of tips and motivating perspectives.  

In addition to getting Danielle’s deep and detailed knowledge, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS brings you contributions from some A-league marketing strategists, pro-bloggers, branding experts, and creativity coaches.

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