Keyword Research

Keyword research has been, and will always be, one of my first loves when it comes to SEO and achieving success. However, it’s not always intuitive. Selecting keywords continues to be one of the top challenges I see when it comes to auditing websites. Check out these resources for helpful tips.

B2B Camp Atlanta 2013 – Unconference Style!

B2B Camp Atlanta was this weekend. It’s an unconference-style event, and for those who have never been before here’s the gist: The break-out sessions are voted on the morning of the event Speakers get 30 seconds to pitch their sessions and try to get attendees to vote for them Pitching a session in front of…

How to SEO: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning (A Very Good Place to Start)

Did you know 93.5% of business owners are confused by SEO? Okay, so I made up that statistic. But I bet it’s close enough. SEO is SUPER confusing because of a few reasons: Historically, SEO has been limited to webmaster-techie-talk. Only computer whizzes could understand and could apply the back-end technicalities and logistics behind the…
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