B2B Camp Atlanta 2013 – Unconference Style!

unconference style

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B2B Camp Atlanta was this weekend. It’s an unconference-style event, and for those who have never been before here’s the gist:

  • The break-out sessions are voted on the morning of the event
  • Speakers get 30 seconds to pitch their sessions and try to get attendees to vote for them
  • Pitching a session in front of a room full of B2B marketers and techies (350+ attendees) is terrifying
  • Pitching a session in front of a room full of B2B marketers and techies is kind of fun

If you want to see the workshops that were selected check out this page.

My Session: Offering SEO Services to Your Clients: The Opportunities & Challenges

I pitched a session called “Offering SEO Services to Your Clients: The Opportunities & Challenges.” It was intended to be a roundtable closed mastermind session comprised of fellow freelancers, consultants, and marketers who could come together to discuss SEO/online marketing services and….you guessed it…opportunities and challenges.

Offering SEO services to clients - by Jenny Munn

While my session got selected, a technical glitch prevented my session from occurring. Don’t ask. Not sure what happened. Super sad about it. There’s always next year!

B2B Camp Session Takeaways

To give homage to the awesome speakers whose workshops I attended, below are photos with a few takeaways:

1. Stacy Williams of Prominent Placement10 Ways Search Marketing for B2B is Different – How to Maximize Results

  •  My Biggest takeaway? Keyword research is never done. Embrace keyword research. Learn it. Love it.


2. John Peltier of Johnpeltier.com: Inbound Marketing Techniques for Personal Branding

  • My biggest takeaway? You must have an active, targeted presence online if you are a marketing professional existing in the year 2013. Resistance is futile. DO IT. And have a specialty. That helps tremendously. Oh, and write an ebook. That helps too.

inbound marketing and SEO


3. Brandy Nagel, Author of Digitally Famous: Strategic Snooping: Using Social Media to Check Up on Clients and Competitors

  •  Biggest Takeaway: Two words – Google Alerts. I honestly think Google Alerts are a very underused tool. I use Google Alerts to keep track of my important keywords, competitors, my brand and reputation, industry research, content ideas, etc.

DStrategic Snooping by Brandy Nagel










Did you attend B2b Camp? Have anything to add?

And most importantly – if you DID attend, you would’ve come to my session. Right? Right on!



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Jenny Munn

Jenny Munn is a Digital Marketer specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) for the K-12 Education Industry. She is focused on generating awareness, traffic and conversions to help businesses fill their pipelines faster. Jenny is passionate about her field, and is a frequent speaker on SEO and website marketing. Jenny has taught SEO at EdNET, WordCamps around the country, NAIS, PRSA, AMA, Business Marketing Association, and various digital marketing organizations. Find out more at https://jennymunn.com/.
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