Ecommerce SEO

When it comes to SEO for Ecommerce websites, the challenge is that the work is never done. There is an ongoing need to drive more awareness, traffic, and conversions at the top of the funnel.

But with great challenge comes great opportunity, right? I have yet to do an SEO ecommerce audit when there is not a significant amount of potential, given the right execution in a focused direction.

My B2B and B2C ecommerce SEO consulting expertise is in creating a solid traffic plan built on the right keywords: non-branded queries that indicate a potential buyer is either educating themselves or they’re ready to make purchase decisions.

SEO work for ecommerce websites start with an audit and action plan. My SEO action plans are always comprised of:

  • Foundational, 1-time work that needs to be done and improved and
  • A calendar of ongoing activities to come that will boost the SEO. Half of SEO success is about simply understanding what are the activities that need to be done on a continual basis to continue moving the needle.

Ecommerce SEO Testimonials

Here is what select Ecommerce clients have to say:

“It was great working with the Munn Group – we talked to several SEO freelancers and digital agencies, but they either wanted to lock us in to a long term contract, add non-SEO services, or did not seem to have the chops. Jenny and team delivered a program that fit our budgetary needs and delivered the goods. After following the Munn recommendations, we saw a 14% increase in organic traffic and revenue. Their approach of teaching the fishermen to fish was the correct path for our team.”
-Ecommerce CEO

“Jenny’s trainings were very valuable and we felt like we learned many useful tips and ideas. She helped us think outside the box and come up with creative ideas we have never thought about. It was exactly what we needed to take our SEO optimization efforts to the next level. We would recommend Jenny to anyone out there looking for a trustworthy and very knowledgeable SEO consultant. “
-B2B Ecommerce Senior Digital Marketer

“Working with Jenny was a fantastic experience.  From the very beginning, she provided what she promised and always in a timely and professional manner.  We had some bad experiences in the past with consultants (for quite a pretty penny) and we desperately needed a new approach.  Jenny’s plan let us truly evaluate our site against our competitors and then gave us the knowledge and tools to continue SEO ourselves.  I love that she helped us become expert copywriters and analysts so we can continue to progress in the future. She is always available to answer questions and her feedback is insightful – something we never had before. I feel like I am now able to take on new projects with the right SEO mind set to ensure that we get the best results.  Since working with Jenny, we’ve seen an increase in good clicks to important keywords with buying intent and many of our core pages have moved up in Google results. The top ten keywords with the most impressions used to be unimportant to our target audience, but now we have replaced those with proper keywords that bring us the right traffic.  It’s a time consuming task to “fix” what isn’t working with SEO, so do yourself a favor and learn from your mistakes now.  Jenny is a phenomenal teacher.”
-B2C Marketing Manager, Diamond Envy


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