What Is an SEO Campaign? And Why Do You Need One Now?

If you’ve been a dabbler in SEO but have never known how to quickly and effectively generate an organized effort that yields results high-performing results quickly, then this is for you.

What is an SEO Dabbler, Anyway?

An SEO dabbler is someone who occasionally does a bit of SEO work here and there randomly as time, energy, or desire permits.

If you’re a dabbler, let me clarify something. I don’t mind that you dabble. Something I’ve realized over time is that keeping up with SEO is not about constantly learning something new as much as it is:

  • refreshing yourself
  • staying motivated
  • and staying in the game, however frequently that might be

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you know keeping up with SEO is important. So you have my permission to dabble away.

On the flip side, at some point, you’ll need to know how to accelerate your skills and results without waiting months (or even years). One of the best ways you can do this is by engaging in a burst of one-time work.

My old business coach called this a “Fireworks campaign” where you do something special above and beyond the ho-hum of the marketing norm. In SEO, what this burst is equated to, is an SEO Campaign.

What is an SEO Campaign?

SEO Campaigns are launched all the time by SEO professionals. An SEO campaign is an organized effort of optimizing a group of pages or content to drive rankings, momentum, and results. It involves everything from keyword planning, benchmarking, on-page optimization, technical analysis, content amplification, and linkbuilding. 

An SEO Campaign is similar to a digital marketing campaign with the following components:

  • goals and tracking established
  • insight and targeting
  • key messages and offers
  • campaign execution
  • asset production

Why Do You Need an SEO Campaign?

The beauty of an SEO Campaign is it’s beneficial, whether you’re an Intermediate-level digital marketer or a newbie. If you’re ready to start getting results sooner than later, an SEO Campaign might be for you.

However, unless you really know what you’re doing, SEO campaigns can be a complicated endeavor involving many resources and moving parts.

They can stretch much longer than initially anticipated, and that can be the kiss of death for many a campaign that gets indefinitely stalled or fizzled out due to lack of motivation or know-how. To avoid SEO campaigns from dying a slow death, I like to niche them down one more manageable step, and I refer to these as Mini SEO Campaigns.

What is a Mini SEO Campaign?

A mini-SEO campaign is a scaled-down version of a campaign. When I do a mini campaign for myself or clients, it generally means:

  • brainstorming an area aligned with organizational growth
  • selecting a very specific topic with a related family of 4-8 keywords
  • 3 pieces of content which will be optimized around the above-focused keyword family
  • a plan to amplify and apply SEO techniques to ensure these 3 posts and their keywords have the most efficient opportunity to rank as well and quickly as possible
  • coming back to analyze performance and make any enhancements needed to double down and improve rankings for the same group of keywords

There are 5 core components of an effective SEO Campaign (which we’ll discuss more in-depth next):

  1. campaign development answering who, what, where, when, why, and how
  2. strategic selection of keywords
  3. a commitment to non-lazy content creation
  4. stellar on-page optimization through next-level techniques
  5. measurement and adjustment

Have you ever ran an SEO Campaign before? Did it go the way you expected? Did you get results? Email me or reply back so I can highlight your success. And if you tried but didn’t get success, hit reply and let me know what happened so I can help you understand what might’ve gone wrong.

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Jenny Munn

Jenny is an independent Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with more than 10 years of experience helping companies and content creators generate brand awareness, traffic, and conversions with SEO. She is a frequent speaker and is on the faculty for the AMA (American Marketing Association) and has taught SEO to thousands of marketers over the past 10 years.

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