3 Ways My Colleagues Generate Leads and Clients

I’m always inspired when I hear real-life case stories of how people in my network get business. Of course, I LOVE hearing about how people have generated leads with SEO, like my friends Don and Tom. And of course, I’m pretty vocal about the wonders SEO has done for my business in the past and in the present.

Two weeks ago I had an agency reach out to me who found me with an “Atlanta SEO freelancer” search and that will result in $1100 this month and more in coming months. So is optimizing your site today still worth it? Heck yes!

Generating Leads: 3 Stories From the Trenches

While SEO should absolutely be one of the ways you generate leads, I’m a big fan of diversifying lead generation tactics. You can’t do it all, but you should be able to define the big activities that produce the most results. I set out to ask a few people how they bring in business, and hopefully they inspire you to get into action or try something new. Here are 3 friends and colleagues who share works for them:

1. Nichole Bazemore, Freelance Author and Writer –
Staying In Touch is Key

“The Industry Playbook” Nichole Bazemore

I never send emails or call just to see if a prospect has work or is “ready yet.” Instead, I’ll send them articles or links to stories I think they might find interesting/helpful; I’ll refer THEM as sources to other folks. In fact, a few years ago, I met a woman who runs a sales consultancy in Phoenix. She wasn’t in a position to hire me, but when I saw an inquiry for a sales expert on HARO, I sent her the link and suggested she contact the reporter. That contact led to an interview (for her), and about a half-dozen speaking engagements around the country. She has spared no effort in promoting me via LinkedIn, FB, and to her own contacts for my generosity/foresight in promoting her biz.

So, long story, short: Stay in touch, but not because you have need. Stay in touch simply because you care and desire to be a resource. Keep in mind that what you see may not be your next big gig, but someone they know/are connected to very well may be.

2. Mickey Mellen of GreenMellen Media: Referrals and Repeat Business

GreenMellen Media


Referrals and repeat business are by far our largest source. I wrote a post a few years ago that maps out our referral network, which the mindmap below reflects. Our Meetup and other work in the WP community have certainly helped a bit; after all, that’s how we met you! We enjoy speaking engagements and they help a little as well, but it’s more of a “proof of credibility” than a direct lead generator. We’ve started to get a few leads directly through the site, but quality leads through there are still fairly rare.


3. Don Sadler, Freelance Business & Financial Writer –  SEO Still Working



About three years ago, I rewrote my website’s copy for SEO and had the site redesigned for SEO. The results were almost instantaneous: I started getting a steady stream of leads and it hasn’t stopped since. 90% or more of my business now comes from prospects finding my website when searching for my optimized keyword phrases, for which I rank in the top 2 or 3 on all the major search engines. SEO has literally transformed my business!


Your turn! Care to share with us how you successfully generate leads for your business? There’s good karma in it for you. 🙂  Drop your story in the comments. And big thanks to Nichole, Mickey and Don.


Featured image credit to GreenMellen Media

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Jenny Munn

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  • Hi Jenny (if I may call you by your first name)

    I do think that your colleagues (particular Ms Bazemore ) have excellent suggestions for creating leads, I will be pursuing all types for my own business, which is in the throes of re-invention.

    Thank you all most humbly for your insights
    Hayden Williams

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