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Do you or your clients use WordPress for business? I have been featured as a WordPress SEO expert and speaker for several years  at WordCamps across the country. Check out my past presentations and workshops below (or visit my SEO speaker page here):

So You Want More Website Traffic?

Description:  “When it comes to website traffic, the world is your oyster! Except for two small things: money and time. Unfortunately, we know that just because we have an awesome WordPress website, the traffic is not going to automatically come our way. We have to have a strategy. Success in generating brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately conversions comes from having clarity and diversifying our efforts. If driving more traffic to your website is important, and you need to take your efforts to the next level, come to this strategy session. We’ll discuss when you should “pay” for traffic and what activities are best, and when you need “free” traffic like from organic SEO. Let’s discuss which mix of activities is right for you and your business! “

SEO: Identifying Strategies to Boost Results

SEO in 2017 requires a mix of foundational best practices, following trends and updates, understanding the nuances for your industry, and making continuous improvements. Come to this workshop prepared with your keyword list, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console (if you have it) account information handy.

SEO in 2017- Double Session- Part 1 of 2

Presented by Mickey Mellen and Jenny Munn: Come join Jenny Munn and Mickey Mellen for a two-hour session on Search Engine Optimization in 2017. We’ll talk about what’s new with Google, such as the push for SSL and new tools like AMP, and show you what basic changes you can make to improve your site’s visibility and to drive more traffic and conversions. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and come prepared with your keywords and questions.”

How to Get to the Top of Google

Watch and listen as SEO experts Jenny Munn, Tom Nguyen, and Mickey Mellen discuss the latest changes and techniques to help get your site to the top of Google.


DIY SEO – The Ins and Outs of Getting Results

Do you know what it takes to not just play, but really win the SEO game? For this workshop, Jenny discusses the latest and greatest with organic SEO, and shares how to roll up your sleeves and truly understand SEO strategy. Learn more about the SEO practices and methods that go beyond “have a fast website,” “be mobile responsive” and “work your keywords into the copy.”


CritiquePress: Rapid-Fire Website Critique Panel

Will each website get loved on? Or shot down? Get ready for this honest, no-holds-barred critique of websites submitted by WordCamp attendees. In this entertaining video, Jenny – along with a panel of experts on design, SEO, technical, and content – shares feedback, advice, and a game plan to help each business owner can take their site to the next level. See what insight she has for each site owner, and pick up some actionable insights for your own site and business.


Spinach In Your Teeth? Rapid Fire Website Critiques

Join Jenny as she and other industry experts share best practices for home page content and design on-the-spot for WordCamp attendees. Want to know how to entice visitors to check out more of your site, or if a home page slider is a good idea? This video is for you!


SEO for 2015: What’s In, What’s Out and How to Be In It to Win It (For Good)

Join Jenny as she shares the story of how she learned to optimize her freelance copywriting WordPress website when she started her business 6 years ago. Through successfully applying DIY SEO and learning from the school of hard knocks, generating passive consistent leads helped sustain her business and take her from copywriter to SEO copywriter to SEO training and consulting for other small to mid-sized businesses and design agencies.


Content Marketing Workshop: How To Plan, Optimize And Analyze Your Efforts

You love your blog posts and website content, but do site visitors feel the same way? How do you know if your site strategy is working or not? This workshop video will help you better understand the kind of content your target market is searching for, how to make it easy to find, and how to track what’s working (or isn’t) with your content marketing plan.


WordPress: Do This, Not That for the Small Business Owner or Solopreneur Pt1

In this two-part presentation, Jenny shares what to do (and what not to do) through case studies, graphics, examples, and stories. Follow along as she reviews the basic fundamentals of SEO and shares action-based strategies that you can implement immediately. Learn more about the myths, misunderstandings and must-do action items to start kick-start an effective SEO strategy today.

SEO & WordPress: Do This, Not That for the Small Business Owner or Solopreneur Pt2

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