SEO Inspiration Is All Around Us

Just like how “love actually is all around” as told to us by Hugh Grant in Love Actually (one of my favorite holiday movies), SEO inspiration is all around us too.

And we need inspiration. Because the ins and outs of SEO can get tedious and wearisome. And we have work to do!

I wanted to share 3 resources that I have been inspiring to me this week. I hope they inspire you too!

SEO Inspiration #1: Seth Godin: Ship the Work

I’ve been deep into retrospection lately about doing work that matters. So I was delighted to run across this post from Seth Godin (hat tip to Kathy Drewien). I was inspired by his earnest message and reminder to “ship the work”:

“We tweet, we run meetings, we write. We invent and share ideas. Mostly, we’re in a race to find our voice, change the culture and make an impact that we can be proud of”…“Our best work happens when we contribute something new, something generous, something that makes an improvement. And making a contribution isn’t possible until we ship the work.”

When you do SEO, you’re making a contribution. You’re amplifying important messages. You’re ensuring deserving brands are getting seen, heard, and found.  What is more honorable than that? SEO is so much more than pulling levers in the background.

SEO Inspiration #2: @CyrusShepard

Twitter has nailed what I’m looking for. Every time I open up my account, there are my notifications, alerting me to great SEO trends and quips by experts I follow. One of these SEO experts who I follow and am always entertained by, is Cyrus Shepherd. He always has some nice SEO gems, like this one I saw recently:

This is a good reminder that if your SEO consists of simply “monitoring” your SEO, you’re in reactive, not proactive mode. As one commentor said, “Monitoring is not work. Monitoring is just watching it and hoping something will magically happen.” That is not how you do SEO. My response to his thread, was, “You’re not allowed to be upset about SEO declines if you go months without working on your site. And if you don’t know what to do – that’s what SEO Audits are for.”

SEO Inspiration #3: Harry’s Marketing Examples

Nothing is better than “before or after” visual makeovers. It’s why we love shows like “What Not to Wear,” and the segments for “Eat This Not That.” I also bought this product for $99 off of a Facebook ad because I was so mesmerized by the before and after photos.

Harry teamed up copywriter Annie Maguire for a re-write of landing pages, and the “before and after” are gold. Clear, conversion-oriented copy is essential for SEO traffic to be meaningful. Here are a few examples, and here is the link to the entire thread. (And if you’re looking for more examples, Atlanta copywriter Tom Tortorici always does a great job with this in his WordCamp presentations.)

What do you think? Are you inspired yet?

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Jenny Munn

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