SEO Tips for Live Streaming

Pop quiz, hot shot: should SEO strategies apply to live stream video?

That question is like asking:SEO Tips for Live Streaming

Ummm – YES, YES, and YES.

Our SEO Project Manager, Tabitha has put together the following tips for you if you’ve started venturing into the world of Live Streaming.

Why is Live Stream Video an Important Marketing Tool?

Thanks to Periscope, live stream video has become the platform of choice for many consultants and industry influencers.  These individuals understand the need to break through millions of tweets and blog posts their audience is bombard with on a daily basis.  They grant instant access to their expert knowledge by having real-time engagement with their followers.  Live stream video has become a powerful tool for to drive traffic to as well as sales on their websites.

People are looking for more personalize solutions from businesses in addition to searching for a personal connection through a person’s voice and face.  It allows people the full experience of your service before setting up a meeting or visiting your store.  The live chat features allow you to respond to questions immediately and learn more about your audiences’ frustrations and interests.

Periscope’s popularity has birthed new competition from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that people attention spans are decreasing.  When they don’t have time to scan a lengthy article, they may instead choose to listen to live or pre-recorded news and tips.

4 Live Stream Video SEO Tips

  1. If you’re planning to live stream a video for a specific date or time, you should include keywords in the title and description of your calendar or event page.
  2. If you’re having an impromptu live stream event, tag your video with relatable keywords for replay after recording. You should include keywords in your title and description of the newly created archive.
  3. If you’re using YouTube Live Broadcast, consider uploading a transcript for your archived video in addition to adding links to relevant resources mentioned in during your live stream.
  4. If you’re going to use any of the live stream apps, you should also make sure your profile has the keywords that attract new viewers who would be part of your target audience.

It is best to get into the habit of exercising the tips above whenever you decide to live stream video.  As this platform continues to mature, Google can better rank its content and increase visitors to your website organically.

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