Will SEO Give You Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings?

Does SEO copywriting guarantee first-page rankings? Unfortunately not. If anyone ever guarantees rankings based on SEO copywriting or onpage SEO alone, think twice before listening to them (let alone hiring them!). False guarantees and misleading expectations are two of the primary reasons SEO professionals have such a bad rap. Although SEO copywriting is extremely important, ranking on the first page of Google depends on MANY factors:

  • The competition of your keywords
  • The amount of SEO work your competitors on Page 1 have done and are doing
  • How authoritative your site is
  • How often fresh, engaging, keyword-rich content is being added to your site
  • How many links are coming in to your site
  • Site structure, site speed, and other important technical nuances

Now, onpage optimization alone did work for my Atlanta copywriting business for several years. But to maintain that ranking (as my competitors have gotten more web savvy), I’ve had to incorporate linkbuilding activities and social media marketing. This guy also achieved more business and clients due to his first page Google ranking solely from SEO copywriting. But – our focus areas are pretty niche.

Even if your SEO does get you to the first page of Google, there are no guarantees that SEO will bring you business and increase your profitability. There are many other factors to consider once a visitor arrives at your site: Did you attract the right traffic? Is your site trustworthy? Do you have a quality product? Is your sales funnel effective? How competitive is your niche? Are you educating your customers first?

Your customers are searching every day for the services and products you offer. Don’t you want to be the company or service provider they turn to? If you need help sorting out the confusion around SEO, check out my how to SEO ebook. Or, drop your question in the comment box below – I’d love to hear from you!

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Jenny Munn

Jenny is an independent Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with more than 10 years of experience helping companies and content creators generate brand awareness, traffic, and conversions with SEO. She is a frequent speaker and is on the faculty for the AMA (American Marketing Association) and has taught SEO to thousands of marketers over the past 10 years.


  • Bethany says:

    Great post! I’m really preparing to do more ezine marketing and also coming across this information can be very helpful my friend. Also great blog right here with all of the useful information you have. Keep up the good work you’re
    doing here. Much appreciated info!

  • Liz says:

    Hey Jenny,

    It certainly isn’t easy to rank well simply using SEO strategies. There truly is a lot more to it.

    I don’t worry about SEO as much as I use to. There are certainly SEO basics that I try to consistently use and I like to keep up with expert tips such as many of yours, but for the most part I’ve put more emphasis on connecting socially with folks, developing relationships and trying to get my site to build trust, attract the right visitors and offer quality advice.

    But also it’s like you said, even if you do rank well in the search engines, there’s no guarantees you’ll have more business. There’s more to it than getting someone to your site.

    Liz 🙂

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