Mastering the “SEO Results” Conversation: Questions to Ask From Both Sides of the Table


One of the most anticipated, yet often dreaded, questions an SEO or digital marketer hears out of a prospective client’s mouth is this: “What results can you get us?” It’s a perfectly legit … [Read more...]

5 Essential Skills I Teach My SEO Consulting Clients


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My SEO Isn’t Working – Now What?


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The Secret to Actionable Insights from Analytics (Beginner to Advanced)


Google Analytics? Yes, please! Oh—save one teensy tiny problem. Google Analytics data by itself is kind of “meh.” The secret is you have to know what you’re looking for. In other words, … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Track Your Monthly SEO Activities


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The Secret to SEO No One Talks About


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Why Copywriters Hate SEO Professionals (and Top 2014 On-Page Tips)

West Point Women's Boxing

Today’s article isn’t meant to stir up controversy (lord knows there’s enough people who happily engage in that role), but to have an honest conversation about on-page optimization, aka SEO … [Read more...]

What the Heck is “SEO Maintenance,” Anyway?


Two weeks ago I had a prospective client call me in a panic. “We just let our SEO consultant go and no one is maintaining our SEO!” I inquired as to what exactly her former consultant was doing to … [Read more...]

3 Ways My Colleagues Generate Leads and Clients


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SEO Success Story: A Web Designer Spills His Secrets to Successful SEO


Jenny's Note: I am beyond thrilled to bring to you today this SEO Success Stories interview with Tom Nguyen. The awesomeness of this interview – namely the fact that he is so candid about what is … [Read more...]